Better Budget Control

Best-practice individual care helps reduce product consumption, waste and money spent on skin treatment and laundry. Fewer unnecessary incontinence- related tasks also contribute to staff enjoying their job more and staying on longer. With clear individual care plans, it is also easier to make an overall plan to optimize deliveries from the central warehouse to each unit.

“The example of the report you showed me – it‘s the most professional and complete one I‘ve ever seen” 2 Care home manager, France

”We use significantly fewer products today than we did before we started with the TENA product series and training.” 2 Cowi Study, Denmark 2009

”Our overall costs have come down a lot since our TENA rep has been doing her visits with staff. Staff education is one of the most important parts.” 2 Nursing Home Staff, Northern Alberta, Canada

With TENA Solutions care homes:
  • Lower product consumption1
    • Lower skincare costs
    • Lower loundry costs
    • Lower waste costs
  • Improve employee efficiency1
  • Meet regulatory requirements more easily1
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