Less Environmental Impact

Using the right product according to best-practice routines leads to lower product consumption and less waste. Individually selected products also help prevent leakages and reduce skin irritation. Fewer leakages mean less time spent on unnecessary incontinence-related tasks.

“We are aware of many things. I do not randomly grab a pad product anymore.” 1 Caregiver, Copenhagen, Denmark

”In our partnership with SCA, we have optimized the amount of products used which gives a direct environmental benefit with less waste, less laundry etc.” 1 Cowi Study, Denmark 2009

With TENA Solutions help care homes reduce their envionmental footprint by:
  • Lowering consumption of incontinence products1
  • Lowering consumption of skincare & cleansing products1
  • Lowering energy consumption1
  • Reducing material waste1
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