Improving Resident Quality of Life

At the heart of TENA Solutions is the individual continence care plan that specifies appropriate care for each resident. The goal is to either maintain or restore continence – or create solutions for incontinence.

”Through TENA recommendations, the residents experienced a 43% improvement in overall skin status.” 2 Care home, United States

”Our goal is that every person should live life to the full, and we are convinced that by developing continence care we have improved quality of life for our residents.” 2 Nursing home manager, Sweden 2009

”Quality of care with our residents has greatly increased since we switched products. We have less red skin breakdown and increased resident comfort.” 2 Nursing Home staff, Alberta, Canada

The individual care plan promotes continence and delivers more dignity and greater independence. To achieve this, the individual care plan goes into the resident’s need for toileting assistance in detail. It also considers whether alternative treatments are needed and which products to use and how often to change them.

With TENA Solutions residents get to experience:
  • Fewer unnecessary interruptions for product changes1
  • Less leakage1
  • More comfortable daily hygiene1
  • Improved skin health1
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