More Time for More Rewarding Care

With more effective use of products, staff can avoid the strain of unnecessary changes of incontinence protection, bedding and clothing. They also spend less time providing intrusive skin treatments.

“We are saving a considerable amount of time – approximately three and a half hour per day, which we can spend on other things. It is more than expected – almost half a day of work of a caregiver is saved.” 1 Nurse, Copenhagen, Denmark

”Using modern products and routines reduced the frequency of pad changes and gave the care staff more time with residents for other activities.” 1 Head of Clinical Practice, Care Home, UK 2010

”My experience with our TENA rep has been great. She helps us to maintain best practice guidelines and our families.” 1 Nursing Home Director of Care, Ontario, Canada

TENA Solutions also provides caregivers with easy access to necessary information, for example, by using care cards and creating clearer communication between shifts. Easy-to-follow protocols also contribute to smoother daily routines. All of this adds up to more time for more rewarding care.

With TENA Solutions care home staff:
  • Wash less bedding and clothing1
  • Get proven best-practice care routines
  • Avoid unnecessary product changes1
  • Perform less skincare hygiene1
  • Enjoy a better working atmosphere1
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