Fearless Story From Carl

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer I wasn’t sure was was going to come next. Surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy I returned home to my family but the doctor warned there might be complications.

Post-surgery I was fitted with a catheter while I healed. When taking that out I met with an urologist with my wife’s support and asked how to return to normal life quickly as I could.

As it turned out surgery weakened my pelvic floor and made it difficult to control my urine flow. I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone but with my wife's support we found exercises to help me strengthen myself and she researched guards specifically designed for men with my kind of problem. Though odd at first we’ve started to get back to a normal life together.

We’ve created an exercise routine and changed our diets to promote a healthy bladder. Though it hasn’t been a fast recovery every bit of progress is exciting. I hope in the next months to make it 4-5 hours without having to go. But it’s such a relief to know that until then I’m still protected and can walk around feeling secure every day.

To me it’s not about what happened with my surgery, it’s about moving forward.

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