Audrey, 58

Rather than being ashamed of my situation, I talked about it – with pretty much everyone!

As a retired nurse that worked in a long-term care home for over 30 years, my job was extremely busy, and I would often hold my bladder for an entire 8-hour shift. Now, at the tender age of 58, I suffer from bladder leakage, as well as irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). Being a person who loves to try new things, my leaks definitely started to get in the way of my sense of adventure. I began wetting myself quite often and in turn, went to a doctor in search of answers. It turns out that my pelvic muscles had been weakened as a result of childbirth. Surgery was recommended, but I opted out and decided to search for another solution. Rather than being ashamed of my situation, I talked about it – with pretty much everyone! I refused to let something like bladder weakness get in the way of living my life.

I eventually came across TENA® products, specifically their stylish underwear. I finally found the solution I was looking for! This product gives me a sense of control, as I now can do anything and go anywhere. The best thing is that I don’t feel as if I’m wearing a bladder leakage product. I’m back to going out to concerts and festivals and re-capturing that sense of adventure that has been with me my whole life. I’ve also learned not to hold my bladder for long periods of time. Instead, I’m sure to empty it whenever I feel the urge. But it’s a pretty comforting feeling knowing that if I happen to not make it to the washroom, I’m still covered.

My outlook on bladder leakage is that it’s no big deal. I’ve always been open about my issues and I found that it has really helped me deal with it. Rather than going ahead with the surgery, I’m happy I did my research and found the perfect fitting product. I’ve also changed up my diet to help with both my IBS and bladder leakage. It’s important to be proactive about the issue and tackle it head-on. Sometimes my friends tell me that I give out a little too much information, but that’s just who I am! In fact, I even have a bumper sticker on my car that reads, ‘Sometimes I laugh so hard, tears run down my leg’. I may be 58-years-old, but I’m still young at heart.

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