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Pantiliners and ultra thin pads are designed to protect, neutralize odors, and be a fit for everyday use when your loved one is out and about:
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Pads have moderate- or super-absorbent protection, particularly for long wait times, for overnight, or for heavier absorbency:
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Men: Guards are specifically designed for a man’s body while allowing him to wear everyday clothing and providing daytime protection:
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Women's Underwear

Underwear in different sizes are available. You can even find an option with tear-away sides for easy removal:
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Men's Underwear

Comfortable underwear with different styles, like a gentle elastic waist band or tear-away sides, give you the convenience of slim protection for an active lifestyle:
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Briefs for Women

Briefs offer protection and comfort with hook fasteners that provide an easy and unlimited ability to refasten. Elastic material around the leg and waist provide firm and discreet protection:
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Briefs for Men

Briefs allow for a more customizable fit with the added protection of moisture-proof lining, wetness indicator, and super-absorbent microbeads. Elasticity and re-fastenable hooks help an individual stay active with the most protection available:
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Disposable Washcloths, Wipes & Creams

Disposable washcloths, wipes, and creams are available to keep skin clean and moisturized:
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Disposable Underpads & Bed Pads

Underpads will help keep any surface dry. From bed pads to seat protectors, absorbent underpads help absorb leakage, odors, and bacteria from any susceptible surface:
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