TENA Intimates Overnight Underwear


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We've improved our TENA Overnight Underwear! Introducing TENA Intimates Overnight Underwear with Proskin Technology. The same great overnight lie down protection now is softer and more comfortable against your skin. TENA Intimates Overnight Underwear is great for use at night with a secure barrier system and lie-down protection to keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the night. Experience the triple protection from leaks, odor, and moisture with new TENA Intimates Overnight Underwear. A soft topsheet and super-absorbent Dry-Fast Core quickly absorb and lock in urine. Additionally, they are pH balanced to neutralize odor, not mask it. Cushiony side gathers conform to your body for a comfortable fit, with an adhesive strip for added security. Designed to protect against moderate to heavy leakage, Tena Overnight Incontinence Underwear for Women offer superior protection so you can sleep without worry.

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Additional Information

  • Lie Down Protection designed to protect you at night or while lying down
  • New ProSkin Technology is soft and gentle against your skin for maximum comfort so you get a restful nights sleep
  • High absorbency core Innovative W-shaped absorbent zone conforms to the curves of the body providing a closer fit, channeling away liquids from the skin
  • Lie down protection with specially designed leg gathers for optimal nighttime fit
  • Dual barrier system ensures protection while lying down and getting up
  • Crotch elasticity for optimal fit
  • All night comfort soft, cloth like, breathable pant has the look, feel, and comfort of regular underwear