The TENA® Advantage for Men

Why do we call it the TENA Advantage? Because our male incontinence products are designed with the Fearless Protection™ of TENA Technology™, which means you can go about your everyday life and never worry about the Unexpected Leak™.

What makes TENA for men so effective?

Anatomically Contoured for a Perfect Fit

TENA products for men are specially designed to fit a man's body, allowing for plenty of movement while still offering complete protection.

Advanced Odor Protection™ for Freshness

No need to worry about embarrassing odor. TENA's Advanced Odor Protection is pH-balanced and designed to reduce the growth of bacteria, eliminate odors and leave you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Faster Absorption Means Nothing Escapes

Even a little leak can be a big problem, soaking your clothes in an instant, potentially creating an embarrassing moment. That's why TENA products are designed with high-speed surface inlets for fast absorption to give you Peace of Mind.

Micro Technology Allows for Ultra Discretion

TENA products contain super-absorbent technology that can lock away 100 times its weight in liquid. Once absorbed, moisture is kept away from the body so you stay comfortable, fresh and dry.