See the Evidence to Prove It

So far more than 500 care homes around the world have implemented TENA Solutions. As many as 98% have improved individual personal hygiene and continence care as well as resident well-being.1 On an average, care homes find that leakage is reduced by 44%, skin conditions by 47% and unnecessary incontinence work by 36%, at the same time budget is improved by 29%.1

How do we know? We measure and document key indicators, for example resident skin health and product consumption before and after implementing TENA Solutions in care homes. TENA Solutions has also been proven in acute care. We have also commissioned several independent studies. Then we let the evidence speak for itself.  

38% less leakage2

Right size, absorption level and choice of incontinence protection according to best-practice routines help reduce leakage.

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Innovative absorbent products and 3-in-1 skincare products improve user comfort and reduce skin problems.

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47% reduction in skin irritation2
44% time saved2

The right products and individualized routines lead to fewer incontinence-related tasks freeing up more time for more rewarding care.

Individual personal hygiene and continence care lower incontinence-related costs..

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XX% lower costs2

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