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Your Outfit of the Day Guide for Men: Fall

Foolproof Fall Fashion

It’s time to trade in your shorts, tanks and sandals for the season’s hottest trends. But as we all know, the waters of high fashion can often be difficult to navigate. Not to worry! That’s why we’re here to break down a foolproof guide for this season’s hottest looks to ensure that you’re dressed to impress.

So, to stay sharp this Fall, it’s all about the classics. Not only are they what’s popular now, they’re also worth investing in and holding on to for many years to come. These pieces are sure to help put your most confident foot forward to look and feel great as the leaves change. In addition to dressing well, it’s important to take control of urine leakage and ensure you feel protected. There’s no reason you should compromise your passion for fashion due to some pesky leaks. With the right product, you can stay dry no matter your lifestyle. Therefore, there’s no reason to hide behind unflattering layers due to the worry of embarrassment. With protection you can count on and a flattering wardrobe, you’re sure to have all the tools to let the real you shine through this Fall.

Now, let’s get to all the looks that are sure to help you stand out this Autumn season.

  • Denim
    • The dressed down, yet always stylish, denim on denim is your go-to denim trend
    • The best thing about this denim on denim is that you most likely have all the pieces already in your closet. The key is putting it all together
    • But be sure to switch up the shades and washes in order to nail the trend. If you’re wearing dark wash jeans, try throwing on light colored denim jacket and a chambray shirt
  • Shearling
    • With the cooler temperatures descending upon us, there’s no better look than staying warm. Shearling is an amazing investment that will last you many seasons to come.
    • Made from sheared sheep or lamb’s wool, shearling will bring you back to the 70’s – but in a good way, we promise!
    • With jackets coming in all different varieties and colors, this trend is being executed by all the world’s top designers and brands, which will make it easy to come by this Fall
    • Browse the many ways to cozy up in shearling
  • Roll Neck (what men call turtlenecks)
    • Probably one of the most practical trends of the season, turtlenecks are finally making a comeback.
    • As Fall weather can be a bit finicky, not too cold but not too warm, turtlenecks are great utility piece to keep you looking and feeling cool
    • Try rocking one with a pair of slim fit jeans, or our favorite look, underneath a tweed jacket. You’ll be sure to turn heads at the office while keeping warm walking the streets
    • Check out these 5 ways GQ suggests rocking the turtleneck
  • Chalk Striped Suit
    • A variety of the well-known pin stripe, chalk striped suits have thicker lines that resemble, you guessed it, chalk lines. Coming in a variety of different materials, we suggest going with wool for added warmth for those cooler days
    • With wider spacing, chalk stripes are little more rough and less perfect than a pinstripe, making a great casual suit
    • Chalk it up to good taste; even the great James Bond has this piece in his wardrobe. See for yourself, here!
  • Be Your Own Man Man
    • Embrace your inner Don Draper with the color of the season, grey!
    • A true foolproof choice, grey is completely neutral and goes with just about everything, making getting dressed in the mornings a lot easier
    • The perfect color for a suit, wear it to work or dress it down for a night on the town. To add a splash of color, try burgundy, which like a good red wine, looks good on everyone
    • Here are some other ideas to liven up your grey suit

Wear it Right

Now that you know the classic go-to trends for this season, you’ll need to know how to style your OOTD along with where to wear it. From a night on the town to a day in the leaves, here’s how to put your new-found fashion knowledge into practice.

  • Fall Festival Ready
    • Whether it’s a cider celebration, pumpkin patch party or county fair, go for denim on denim. Durable enough to for an active day in the great outdoors, a pair of salvaged jeans with a classic denim jacket and rugged boots will keep you looking sharp yet festival appropriate
    • To keep control during a long day outside, match this outfit with TENA® MEN™ Protective Underwear. As comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans
  • Stylish Stroll on the Town
    • No better way to show-off your new sense of style than with a walk through the city streets. Put on a pair of classic grey pants and a crisp white shirt with your statement shearling coat to keep you looking cool and feeling warm on the crisp fall days
    • Walk for hours with TENA® MEN™ Protective Guards, which offer a close fit that will make you forget you’re even wearing protection. Not only will you stay dry all day, you won’t be constantly on the lookout for the nearest restroom
  • Cozy Autumn Dinner Date
    • Celebrate the harvest with a seasonally inspired dish and someone special. Dress to impress with a pair of dark jeans, an essential roll neck and a patterned sweater to top it all off. You’re sure to look like a million bucks!
    • TENA® MEN™ Absorbent Guards are the perfect accessory to this timeless look. Not only will they keep you dry during a night out, they’ll give you that extra boost of confidence that will make your night all the more special
  • Bold at Brunch
    • Bring your look to the next level with a color that screams bold – burgundy! The perfect touch to impress your fellow diners at everyone’s favorite weekend meal
    • Rock a burgundy blazer with denim jeans to tow the line between professional and casual
    • Bring your roll neck into the mix by adding it underneath your blazer. We suggest grey in the form of a thin fabric like merino wool for a cool yet layered look
    • Embrace your inner rock star and finish the look off with a pair of black Chelsea boots
    • Use TENA® MEN™ Underwear to keep you comfortable while you indulge for ultimate protection
  • Meeting Friends After Work
    • Bring the Johnny Cash look back with black on black. The epitome of cool, no man can go wrong with this sleek, trendy yet timeless combination
    • The key to pulling black on black off is to mix textures and tones
    • Rather than going for the traditional and predictable blazer and jean combo, switch it up with black jeans and a chunky black roll neck
    • This look is office appropriate and transitions perfectly into a night out with friends
    • Add a touch of color to keep them guessing with a pair of trusty dessert boots
    • For more inspiration on how to pull of the all black look, check out these tips
    • To add to your cool sense of Johnny Cash confidence, go for TENA® MEN™ Guards that fit as sleek as you’ll look

When it comes to fashion, the most important trend is confidence. Not only will you look great, you’re also sure to feel comfortable, which is a key to pulling off a head turning look. Rock these outfits with the protection of TENA® and you’ll shine this Fall season. There’s no reason to compromise your outfit, happiness or lifestyle as result of bladder weakness. Products like TENA® are here to help you keep control with the coverage to put your best foot forward. From the office to the great outdoors, stay stylish without the worry of leaks and look forward to the most fashionable season of the year.

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