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Incontinence Products To Keep Handy When providing Home Healthcare for Family

With so many home healthcare supplies out there to assist adults with changing life events, where do you start? Adult incontinence is a common condition that calls for a bit of research and preparation so you have supplies in the home and available when needed. After all, you not only want the best protection for your loved one, you want them to feel comfortable, confident, and carefree, not timid or tied down!

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Given the varying shapes, sizes, and needs of different adults, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to incontinence care. Unexpected leaks can be light or heavy, and can occur once in a blue moon or more frequently. We put together a quick guide for you to make sorting through the options a little easier. In this piece, we’ve focused on products offered by TENA® to provide an example of the options that one product line can offer. The round up of personal care products listed below, including the benefits of each, will help you choose the right protection for the one you care about. No matter the need, a solution is available to help you feel self-assured in your caregiving and, most importantly, add worry-free ease to the life of your loved one.

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1. Pantiliners and Ultra Thin Liners
For women with minor incontinence, pantiliners or ultra-thin pads are a smart choice. They are perfect for those who are active but may have occasional light leaks from an array of causes – such as pregnancy, diabetes, or weakened pelvic floor muscles – especially when sneezing or laughing. The range of liners available, varying in style and absorbency, are all designed to fit the contours of a woman’s body, so your loved one will feel light as a feather as she lives life fearlessly.
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2. Pads
Similar to liners, incontinence pads lend to the physically able woman but provide extra absorbency for extra protection. Whether it’s overnight security or fast absorbency your loved one needs, pads offer moderate to heavy leakage protection in a variety of styles and sizes – after all, comfort plus protection equals confidence and invincibility.
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3. Guards
Incontinence guards are the best bet for men who are active and generally independent but need extra defense against urges that can’t be restrained. Specially designed for the male body, guards offer light to moderate coverage for 100% strength and protection, all packed into a discreet design with a superabsorbent core. Male guards mean the one you care for never has to say no to all the activities he loves.
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4. Underwear
If your loved one struggles with accidents due to confusion or memory loss, or is physically unable to reach the bathroom in time, incontinence underwear could be the solution. Underwear products pull on just like regular underwear, adding normalcy and assurance to the lives of those who experience heavy leakage. Those with mental illness don’t need to remember anything extra! And those less able to stand will appreciate the ease and speed of changes while being assisted. Minimize distress and maximize dignity and confidence. A range of comforts, absorbencies, and sizes are available for both women and men.
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5. Briefs
Briefs provide both supreme comfort and maximum protection. The convenience of secure fastening and easy removal keeps everything under control, which means confident and worry-free living. If your loved needs to be reclined while being tended to, incontinence briefs speed the process and ease the back, with hook fasteners that have unlimited refastenability. Products for both men and women range in flexibility, size, and absorbency levels. With briefs, both you and the one you care for will feel confident knowing you’re sufficiently covered.
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6. Pad & Pants System
The pad & pants system is another option for adults who experience moderate to heavy leakage, designed to provide an even more discreet, flexible, and contoured fit than our regular women’s pads. Also available for men, these pads plus TENA® reusable pants, available in knit and comfort fits, are worn together beneath regular clothing. They are ideal for loved ones who enjoy a more active lifestyle and want to maintain stylish and carefree protection while out and about. An added bonus for caregivers is that all pads in this system come with wetness indicators.
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7. Cleansing Creams, Disposable Wipes & Washcloths
Soothing delicate skin is an important part of incontinence care. Several options are available depending on your loved one’s needs. Cleansing creams are ideal for frequent changes and are gentler than plain soap and water. The creamy formulation by TENA® cleanses, moisturizes, and protects the most sensitive skin, and no rinsing is needed. Pre-moistened disposable wipes offer gentle, alcohol-free cleansing and on-the-go convenience. Larger disposable washcloths are perfect for situations where bathing facilities are not available. With these products on hand, your loved one’s skin will be protected and feeling fresh and healthy.
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8. Underpads
Underpads provide maximum wetness protection for furniture, linens, and other surfaces. TENA® underpads have a moisture-proof lining and absorb leakage, minimize odor, and ensure dry comfort for your loved one. Underpads are essential when extra protection is needed, whether for overnight use or for a leisurely car ride.
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Many caregivers might find talking with their loved one about incontinence difficult. When discussing the subject with your loved one, remember to be sensitive to her needs and situation. Some caregivers might find that bringing their loved one to the doctor helps start the conversation and formulate a plan for management. Having some product samples on hand for her to try discreetly could help provide a solution that benefits both of you. Show your loved one that incontinence products on the market today are more comfortable, effective, and discreet than ever before!

Adult incontinence doesn’t have to be a barrier to carefree living. Caregiving is challenging enough on its own without having to worry that you’re not providing the very best. Many resources and personal care products are out there to help you find the solution that best meets the needs of your loved one. Find the right products and make sure you have ample supply on-hand at home and when travelling so that you can both feel confident.


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