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Still Using A Maxi Pad to Keep Your Underwear Dry?

Using an Incontinence Pad Can Help Prevent Urine Leaks

It's not uncommon for men to reach for maxi pads when they first experience an Unexpected Leak. When it happens, there are probably a few extra in the house already and everyone knows they're made to absorb liquid. The problem is that feminine protection isn’t designed to handle urine. So they don't offer the same protection as TENA® incontinence products.

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Leakage Barrier

Typical feminine products have channels, but not elastic to prevent leaks.

Top Sheet

Typically a more open top sheet is designed for thicker substances like mentral fluid.


May not include a super absorbent polymer, or lower amounts of absoprtion power than an incontinence product.

Odor Control

Many feminine products simply use deoderant to mask odor.

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Leakage Barrier

TENA products include elastic barriers to prevent leaks and enhance fit.

Top Sheet

A specially designed top sheet and distribution layers are intended for urine.


Super absorbant polymers quickly absorb and lock away fluid.

Odor Control

pH balance to control odor, rather than just mask it.

Our incontinence pads, guards, protective underwear and incontinence briefs are all specifically designed to absorb urine and lock it away. The material we use several times more absorbent than the materials found in feminine care products. That means you'd need a much heavier female maxi pad to do the same work of a much lighter TENA product. This can lead to discomfort and skin irritation.

When TENA products absorb leaks, they pull moisture away from the body and trap odor. Unlike some feminine hygiene products that contain deodorants, our pH absorbent materials do more than mask odor—they help neutralize it. These deeply absorbent cores combine with our specially designed materials and elastic sides to help give you discreet protection.

All of this helps ensure that when you use TENA products instead of maxi pads, you'll have the confidence to go about your day with Fearless Protection™ that won't interfere with your lifestyle. To find protection fit for the way you live, browse our incontinence products

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