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Incontinent and Fearless

Life is full of great moments… Time spent with family and friends, enjoying activities, and times to laugh and live carefree and happy. Incontinence doesn’t have to hold your loved one back from living those moments the way they’d like. Men and women of any age can experience sudden leakage, and if you’re one of the many who are supporting a loved one with incontinence, don’t be discouraged. There are many ways to help those with unexpected leaks live fearless and confident.

Start by Using the Right Products

There is a big difference between bladder leakage products and feminine care products. Bladder leakage products – such as incontinence pads, briefs, and protective underwear – are designed specifically to handle urine. Regular feminine products aren’t designed to handle different consistencies of fluids, and only some have channels to prevent leaks from escaping.

Bladder leakage products are different. They not only trap and contain bladder leaks more fully; they’re designed specifically to contain urine. Absorption levels are higher, they contain and neutralize odors, and are specifically contoured to prevent a leak. Take charge and help loved ones live confidently with the right bladder leakage products.

The first step in helping someone live their life on their own terms while living with incontinence is to have the right bladder leakage products. TENA can be the first line of defense when it comes to controlling incontinence. Many women suffer from embarrassment and change the way they live their lives because they are not using the right tools to fight leakage. When a sudden leak happens, they grab their purse and go for their maxi pad. Don’t make that mistake!

Use a Trusted Global Brand

When shopping for bladder leakage products, be informed: not all products are the same. Years of research and study went into the making of TENA incontinence products. TENA has several pads, protective underwear, and briefs to choose from, all with the superior technology protection. Specifically, TENA uses super-absorbent technology to trap, contain fluid, and completely neutralize odors.

TENA pads are

  • Super absorbent
  • Designed with contours in just the right places
  • PH balanced to neutralize odors
  • Quiet, non-woven material to be discreet

As a caregiver, you want a product that handles bladder leakage easily for your loved one, conceals it, and helps them live fearlessly. Find the products that provide the level of protection your loved one needs to do just that.

Be Prepared

Don’t be caught off guard when bladder leakage happens to your loved one. Always make sure you follow these tips so you can be confident in any situation…

  • Know your options. Familiarize yourself with incontinence products so you can know what to do in any situation.
  • Get samples of different products so you know which products are better for each situation.
  • Always bring supplies wherever you go. Do not assume you won’t need them.
  • Stay calm. Knowing you are prepared helps you stay confident when something unexpected happens.

Discreetly Shop & Buy Incontinence Products

Don’t let your confidence be shattered when thinking about which incontinence products to buy. There are many options available for men and women in any stage of life. Here are some quick ideas on how to shop for incontinence products with confidence.

  • Stay informed on what products are out there for you.
    There’s a wide variety of information and products online about new and classic products. Research articles on the best options for what fits your loved one’s life situation.
  • Buy on the Web.
    You can buy incontinence products privately and have them shipped discreetly from the comfort of your own home. Many websites can also set up recurring shipments so you never run out of supply. Browse and buy directly from TENA or these external websites.
  • Select products with a strong reputation and history.
    You want the best for your loved one. TENA is #1 around the world and has been helping caregivers and people with bladder leakage for many years. With superior technology and a history of quality and leadership, you know you’re loved one is in good hands with a trusted brand.

Know that You are Not Alone!

Incontinence is more common than you think. With many different causes and types of incontinence, people of all ages are affected. Want to know more? Discover how others brave incontinence. Don’t do it alone. Visit discussion boards to get the support you need. Online communities help you:

  • Learn from others
  • Connect anonymously with other caregivers online
  • Participate in forums online
  • Read online about the experience of others.

More Ideas to Boost Your Confidence

Help your loved one take charge of incontinence; don’t let it take charge of their life. Here are some ideas to help your loved ones feel more confident each day:

  • Buy the right clothes for you.
    Choose clothes that are flattering, and make you feel good. Being confident means being comfortable with who you are.
  • Smile and be positive.
    Even when you’re having a bad day, try to put on a brave face. For many of us, these bouts of negative emotion are part of a momentary event: e.g. an accident, running out of products, unexpected odor. Just the simple act of smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, can remind you that these negative emotions will pass.
  • Make positive friend choices.
    Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who will understand your incontinence issue and will make an effort to be uplifting and confident.
  • Exercise regularly.
    Taking care of your body will help you feel more energetic and awake and that can make a major impact on your self-esteem. Even just a ten-minute walk can help significantly.
  • Keep your head up and back straight.
    Research shows that by sitting up straight, you can boost your confidence and feel more in charge of your situation.

Don’t let bladder leakage stop your loved one from doing the things they love. Planning, support, and the right product can help your loved one take charge and live fearlessly.

“ I use the Overnight Underwear every night, and wake up in the morning feeling perfectly dry! ”

- TENA Customer in Austin, TX

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