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The big picture on Microbeads and TENA

Theirs, ours and the difference in-between

There has been recent publicity regarding the harmful environmental characteristics of plastic microbeads. A currently popular topic in the media, the term ‘microbead’ is used to describe an exfoliating characteristic in health and beauty products such as face washes. This has come to confuse some TENA customers, as they are worried that the ‘microbeads’ in question are of the same nature as the super-absorbent technology used in our products. However, the two are completely different.

TENA super absorbent technology consists of a powder like substance that has the ability to lock in liquid and prevent it from coming into contact with the wearer’s skin. Offering a feeling of dryness, our micro beads help maintain a lower pH level in our products, minimizing the growth of odor-causing bacteria and leaving the wearer feeling fresh. In fact, our micro beads can hold more liquid per gram than fluff pulp, which is made from long fiber softwoods.

In stark comparison, the microbeads at the center of negative media attention are those found in common health and beauty products like face washes. A material comprised of small non-biodegradable pieces of plastic, these microbeads are used to create a scrubbing or exfoliating sensation and retain their shape after disposal. There is growing concern that these microbeads are reaching the earth’s water sources, like lakes and oceans. Researchers worry that these plastic beads are being ingested by small fish. These smaller fish are consumed by larger fish, which humans then eat and can pose a potential health risk to humans. As a result of these findings, major manufacturers of these products have committed to phasing out microbeads by 2015. Several states have passed legislation banning the manufacture and sale of products containing the exfoliating “micro beads”.

We want to reassure TENA users that our super-absorbent technology DOES NOT contain plastic exfoliating materials. TENA technology completely different from the microbeads under scrutiny by the media and environmental research, as ours are not harmful to the environment or wearer. Thus, TENA products will not be pulled off the shelf or altered as they don’t present any of the dangers established with the Health and Beauty exfoliating micro beads and are not made of the type of plastic that contributes to the environmental concerns publicized recently. We hope this sheds light on the subject and puts our valued TENA wearers at ease. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly by clicking here.