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Essity delivers refresh of comprehensive TENA® skincare system

Improved formulations, innovative designs and easy-to-identify packaging will enable facility caregivers to better meet the individual skin health needs of elderly residents.

Philadelphia - Essity, a leading global hygiene and forest products company and the maker of TENA® incontinence products, today announced the launch of its refreshed line of TENA Skincare cleansing, washing and protective cream products. Featuring milder formulations, easy-to-identify packaging and design updates, the enhanced portfolio will help facility caregivers better address and maintain good skin health for elderly residents with vulnerable skin, particularly those suffering from incontinence.

Due to its fragile nature, elderly skin faces increased vulnerability to a variety of threats, including skin ulcers, incontinence-associated dermatitis and infection, and greater potential for injury as healing slows down. In addition, frequent cleansing with soap and water can further disrupt skin’s integrity and increase dryness.

The TENA Skincare assortment has been re-designed to be more visually appealing and enable quick product recognition to help caregivers better address the individual skin needs of elderly patients, and customize a cleansing, moisturizing and protecting care regimen that is specific to their skin conditions.

“Our customers have consistently touted the benefits of TENA skincare products, but we wanted to simplify our approach to product categorization, packaging and formulation to create a total care system that better reflects the needs of professional caregivers and helps them deliver improved skin health for their elderly patients,” said Jessica Lan, Skin Care Product Manager, Essity Personal Care North America. “As a leader in continence management, we’ve extended our heritage in providing residential care with quality incontinence products to our skincare line, and made investments centered on individual needs and that complement the TENA absorbent line, driven by proven results.”

Product testing has shown that TENA® Cleansing Cream, which provides specialized preventative skin care for elderly residents, is over 5x more moisturizing than a leading no-rinse cleanser and 7x more moisturizing than soap and water. In addition, the TENA Skincare line has demonstrated significant improvements in skin conditions among elderly residents. In a separate case study conducted over a two month period, the use of the TENA Skincare system reduced the number of residents of a long-term care facility that exhibited skin conditions, compared with the use of soap and water.

The TENA Skincare system comprises 21 individual products and is organized into three categories based on functionality: “Cleanse (no rinse),” which includes TENA Cleansing Creams, and TENA UltraFlush, Ultra and Classic washcloths, “Cleanse (rinse off),” which includes Body Wash and Shampoo, and “Protect,” which includes Protective Cream. For simpler identification by caregivers, each category of products now features distinct color coding and easy-to-read labels and graphics, enabling easier product selection based on its intended use. Wider bottle bases and a sleek design provide greater structural stability and a more modern look and feel. New and improved formulations include greater conditioning qualities for added moisture and improved skin condition.

For the elderly, the breakdown of skin can have considerable impact on an individual’s physical and psychological wellbeing. By taking a total cost of care approach, which looks at the full spectrum of an individual’s care demands including costs of labor, skin damage, toileting and other factors, facilities can make choices that are driven by a big picture view and that may ultimately lead to improved quality of life for residents, and cost efficiencies.

About Essity

Essity is a leading global hygiene company that develops and produces personal care products. With sales in 100 countries, Essity has 44,000 employees and had revenue in 2013 of $14.2 billion. With nine manufacturing facilities across North America, the company’s Americas headquarters is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In North America, Essity produces the Tork® line of napkin, towel, tissue and wiper products used in commercial settings such as office buildings, restaurants, schools and healthcare facilities and the TENA® line of incontinence care products used by consumers at home and in healthcare facilities. TENA and Tork are the global leading brands in their categories. For more information, visit