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Nighttime Incontinence And Your Intimate Skin Health

When dealing with incontinence, feeling like yourself and dealing with daily activities and routines can become difficult. That goes for your nighttime routines as well, because maintaining healthy sleep habits has much further reaching effects on your overall health. Trying to maintain intimacy in the bedroom or even trying to get a decent night’s sleep can become increasingly difficult, especially if you are waking up throughout the night because of an inferior incontinence product that’s causing discomfort.

If you’re experiencing incontinence, skin care may not be the first thing that comes to mind; however, did you know that it plays an essential role in keeping you healthy and comfortable? Exposure of intimate skin to moisture for long periods of time can cause your body’s natural protective layer of skin to break down, making you more vulnerable to infections and other skin conditions.

Preserving healthy intimate skin is critical, and it certainly shouldn’t end when the sun goes down. Managing nighttime leaks and their impact on your skin can be improved by making a few simple adjustments to your evening routine. First, avoid drinking large amounts of liquid a few hours or so before you head to bed, especially any diuretics like coffee or tea. Before going to sleep, make sure you empty your bladder. Find a product that offers the right level of protection for your needs, and if you do wake through the night and realize you expelled urine, be sure to change your product immediately to avoid any unnecessary exposure to moisture.

Luckily, finding the right nighttime bladder protection product is easy with TENA®. New TENA intimates™ Overnight Pads are specifically designed for nighttime use, providing the same trusted overnight protection you love, with the added benefit of ProSkin Technology™. TENA intimates™ Overnight Pads offer lie-down protection with a wider-in-the-back design that prevents leaks while lying down. Featuring a targeted absorption area that quickly draws away heavy leaks, and a soft pliable core and soft foam side barriers, TENA intimates™ Overnight Pads provide a secure and comfortable fit that moves with you while you sleep.

TENA intimates™ Overnight Underwear offer all night comfort, made with a soft, cloth-like fully breathable material that looks and feels like regular underwear to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. The dual absorption zones and secure barrier system provide a fit that conforms to the curves of the body, for a snug fit that helps protect against leakage.

Remember, your skin is a physical barrier that protects you from the outside environment. Practicing good hygiene and using quality, form-fitting incontinence products at night will help to avoid discomfort and skin conditions.

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- TENA Customer in New Orleans, LA

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