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Testing Incontinence Products – TENA Quality Assurance

Strong absorbent incontinence pads need to provide consistent and reliable protection. Our TENA team believes providing great incontinence protection means instilling confidence in you and in your product. To achieve this, each product line goes through rigorous testing procedures. We leave no detail out to ensure you receive products you can trust and rely on everyday.

Ensuring Strong Absorbent Pads and Liners

Whether it’s a TENA Serenity Overnight Pad, Active Liner Regular, or a Men’s Male Guard, the key is making sure the product absorbs the proper amount of liquid and retains that liquid to keep you dry and comfortable. All products are visually checked every 8 to 10 minutes on our manufacturing line to make sure we are producing products properly.

Once per hour we put our pad products through a rigorous test, starting with absorbency factor. Our technicians apply a set amount of liquid according to product type and ensure the super absorbent microbeads in our products absorb the proper weight of liquid. (This amount of liquid is called Rothwell, the weight of liquid a product can absorb before it is likely to leak.) We also perform an acquisition test, ensuring your pad absorbs the leak it was designed for, as well as do so in the proper amount of time. Those with surge incontinence understand speed is the key, while those with a light dribble may not need the same protection.

Next we perform a vacuum test. Similar to the Rothwell test, liquid is applied to the pad and allowed to absorb into the Super Absorbent Microbeads. Then our technicians attempt to remove liquid through a vacuum. This tests the resilience of our pad to ensure our superior microbeads have locked away the liquid their supposed to. This way after an initial void, users are sure they won’t experience leaks as their pad twists and moves with them. If the pad meets the threshold for these tests, the product is approved and production continues.

Confirming Quality of Underwear and Briefs

Whether wearing TENA Women’s Protective Underwear or TENA Stretch Ultra Briefs products, absorbency, fit, and resilience are paramount. These products are tested to ensure their absorbency meets their Rothwell standards. Like our pads products, they are wet and weighed to test their absorbency. When their acquisition speed and absorbency are confirmed, they move onto the next step, fit.

Each product is checked to ensure the quality and construction of the elastic providing a snug fit and leakage protection is constructed properly. The products are measured and confirmed to be within the threshold for each particular size. Following this, the product is heated to simulate wear and then retested to confirm the elastic and glue retain their strength and don’t bleed from the products.

Finally, these products go through a rewet test. In this step, we apply an amount of liquid to the product to simulate a void. After a set time, another amount of liquid is applied and the product is then tested to ensure the microbeads lock in both simulated voids.

Quality is our Priority

Ensuring security and confidence is paramount to helping you get back to being you. Each test applied to TENA products is designed to simulate wear and certify the product absorbs the way it’s supposed to. TENA stands behind its products and wants to share with our customers a legacy of incontinence expertise.

“ The best I've found anywhere to date! Very pleased and I highly recommend this product! ”

- TENA Customer in South Carolina