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Keep Being the You that Shines Through - Summer Edition

The season filled with sunny skies, warm weather and smiling faces is here. It’s summer! With the weather at its best, you’re ready to have some fun in the sun with your family and friends. That being said, nothing should get in the way of enjoying this wonderful season, especially not bladder leakage. Instead, spend this summer enjoying activities you love while being protected by TENA® products. So start planning your next exciting adventure this summer season – there’s nothing stopping you! Here are some ideas to get you going:

Get Back on the Bike

There’s no better way to get around in the summertime than on your bike. Round up the family and hit your favorite park or trail for a great workout and some fresh air. And don’t forget to wear your helmet!

When you get back in the saddle, it’s important to determine which type of ride best fits your needs. Just like shoes, there are lots of different options out there specific to their use, so here’s a little more to help you choose which bike is right for you.

  • Road Bikes
    Bicycles built for traveling at speed on paved roads. They usually have more gear combinations and are lighter.
  • Mountain Bikes
    Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain like thicker more durable frames and thicker tires for traction on gravel or dirt.
  • Hybrids
    A combination of mountain and road features suitable for a wide range of riding conditions. Their stability, comfort and ease of use make them popular with novice cyclists, commuters, and children.
  • Comfort bikes
    Designed for comfort instead of speed. Some people call them “Beach Cruisers”.
  • Tandem bikes
    Share a ride with a friend! Tandem bikes allow two people to ride one bike and share the load.

For more information on finding the right bike for you, check out these links:

Now that you’ve found the right bike, here are some tips on making your ride as comfortable as possible.

  • Clothing:
    Cycling shorts can help in making your ride as enjoyable as possible, by providing a protective barrier between you and your bike seat. Complete with padding, cycling shorts look great on and off the bike. It’s also important to wear an outfit that will keep you cool in these hot summer months. Stick to synthetic or natural tops such as merino wool, coconut or bamboo. Avoid cotton as it absorbs heat and sweat. A good pair of gloves is always important to keep your hands blister-free on those long rides.
  • Bike Saddle:
    A saddle, or seat, is probably the most important factor in a comfortable ride. As everyone is different, there is no specific type of saddle that’s the right choice. However, always be sure of the following when selecting a saddle: Choose one that is wide enough to support your sit bones, flat enough that you don’t slide forward, firm enough that you don’t sink in the saddle too much and finally decide which shape you prefer, a T-shaped or softer pear-shaped design. All of these factors will allow for a smoother ride.
  • Helmet:
    An essential for any bike ride, helmets are now made light and cool, thanks to years of testing and technology. There are different types of helmets - road helmets, mountain biking helmets, sport helmets. Be sure to choose the right one for the job. Lastly, size it up, making sure it fits snugly. Safety is paramount, so never ride without a helmet.

Whether you’re biking through the park or out on the city streets, there may not always be a ladies’ room around the corner. Not to worry, TENA® gives you protection so you can keep your mind on the ride and off the leak. TENA® Ultra Thin pads are a great option for light to moderate leakage protection on your next bike trip. They’re perfectly discreet, small enough to be tucked inside your fanny pack or backpack, which makes them an ideal on-the-go companion.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberries taste that much sweeter when you pick them yourself. You can almost taste the hard work that went into picking them! Rather than going to the grocery store, go strawberry picking this summer for some fresh and delicious fun.

Here are some strawberry picking tips to squeeze the most out of this do-it-yourself experience:

  • Make sure to call the farm before you head out as strawberries can be affected by rain and cooler temperatures.
  • Arrive early! On weekends especially, farms can get quite busy.
  • Most farms will provide containers, but feel free to bring your own. If you do, make sure the container is no more than 3 inches deep as the lower berries can bruise.
  • Choose plump, firm and fully red strawberries as only solid red berries are completely ripe. Avoid partially white berries as they will not ripen once picked. Also, keep any eye out for the small strawberries as they’re often the most flavorful!
  • To correctly pick strawberries, grasp at the stem just above the berry in between the forefinger and the thumbnail. Next gently pull with a slight twisting motion to get the berry you’ve got your eye on.
  • Remember to carefully place your fruit into the container. Simply throwing them in can lead to bruising or ruining the berries.
  • Strawberry measurements: 1 quart = 2 pints = 4 cups. Knowing this will help you budget your yield and assist in estimating cost.
  • In a plentiful field, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to pick one quart.
  • Be careful not to over purchase as strawberries can quickly mould when left at room temperature and only last a couple of days when stored in the fridge.
  • A good solution to this is freezing your strawberries! Just be sure to wash them, cut the hulls off and throw them in a resealable freezer bag. Remember to remove as much air from the bag as possible. This way, your berries will be good to enjoy for months.

While you hunt for those ripe and juicy strawberries, you’ll probably be doing a lot of bending, kneeling, squatting and crawling. All of which can increase the chances of a few drops. With no bathroom in sight, stay covered and confident with TENA® Liners to capture any occasional leaks.

Now the only question remaining should be what to do with all these wonderfully delicious strawberries. Put them to good use, make jams, jellies, pies, cakes, crumbles, squares, ice cream and more! Check out Pinterest for lots of ideas. For a refreshing summer treat, try an irresistible Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri - this is a bladder friendly recipe that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Click here for the easy-to-make recipe [link to]! And for more drool-worthy strawberry recipes, Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration.

The Sounds of Summer

There’s something uniquely liberating about singing and dancing in the great outdoors. So, check your local listings and jam to your favorite tunes in open air this summer at a concert in the park.

Before you head out to your favorite band shell or street festival this summer, check out these hot tips on how to get the most out of each show:

  • Keep it minimal. Bring cash, your ID, maybe some plastic, but leave your wallet at home! Not only do you want to limit what you have to carry, you also want to limit what you could potentially lose. With all that dancing, it’s easy to drop a purse or wallet in a large crowd.
  • Wear clothes with lots of pockets. Since you won’t be bringing along your purse or trusty wallet, you’ll need sufficient pockets to carry your phone, cash and ID.
  • Purchase cheap sunglasses. You don’t want to worry about scratching or losing an expensive pair of shades. Stop by a gas station or drug store and pick up an inexpensive pair to avoid the worry.
  • Stay protected from the sun. Pack single use sunscreen packets to avoid a nasty sun burn.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. We all know you’ll be dancing up a storm, so why not wear a pair of shoes that won’t leave you hurting? You’ll be spending all day on your feet, in large crowds and likely in grass or dirt, so bring a pair you don’t mind getting filthy
  • Stay hydrated. Last but not least, be sure to drinks lots of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated out in a field in the heat of the summer. Always be aware of the closest water stand, and bring your own water bottle, as most festivals have public water fountains.
  • Put your feet up. Bring a foldable camping chair to sit down during intermission. Everyone needs a break at some point!
  • Pack a cooler bag of healthy snacks. Not only do those food stands have long line ups, they usually only have a limited selection of fast food. Bring fruit, nuts and other finger foods to curb your hunger.

After a long night of dancing and twisting, singing and cheering, don’t dread the infamous long line-ups for the bathroom. Choose TENA® Heavy Pads or Protective Underwear with advanced odor protection for heavy leaks that will let you dance until the sun goes down. With a seamless fit, ultimate comfort and protection this good, you won’t have to worry about leaks, so just enjoy your favorite song.

What if you’re not able to make it to a festival this summer? No worries! You can easily turn your porch or backyard into a mini-amphitheatre. Hook up your speakers and use your phone or tablet to connect to a great music streaming service like Spotify. Then you can be the DJ and pick the playlist of your choice to jam out in the comfort of your own home.

Get Back to the Beach

Nothing screams summer more than spending a day on the beach. Pack a picnic, sunscreen, a comfortable chair, and enjoy the sand in between your toes! Whether you’re working up a sweat playing some beach volleyball, getting dirty building sand castles or taking a long walk, you’re going to need all day protection.

Here are some of our favorite beaches that will be perfect for your next family vacation:

  • Outer Banks, North Carolina
    Perfect for a renting a cottage or condo with prime beach access, this beach is loved for their consistent yet manageable waves and beautiful landscape
  • Maui, Hawaii
    Filled with abundant and family-friendly sands, this beach getaway is on the higher price range but definitely worth the cost
  • Sanibel Island, Florida
    A hit with the kids, the “Sanibel Scoop” will keep them busy as they dig for shells and build sand castles.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    An east coast getaway, you can have some fun at the Family Kingdom Amusement Park and Ripley’s Aquarium in addition to soaking up the hot South Carolina sun

And for your beach day getaway, don’t forget TENA® InstaDRY™ Pads. Designed with dozens of tiny funnels to quickly whisk liquid deep into the pad, your skin stays drier so you feel fresh. Don’t let the unpredictability of sudden leaks stop you from feeling spontaneous and carefree.

Spend a Night Under the Stars

Curious about the constellations? Get outside for the evening with some good company and your smart phone. There’s no need to flip through astronomy books or buy a telescope to observe and appreciate the big and little dippers. Download a free app on your phone to learn all about the wonders that lie in sky above, like planets, stars, space stations and satellites. Check out any of these stargazing apps and show off your celestial knowledge at your next weekend backyard campout.

Star Chart Apple | Android
NASA App Apple | Android
Night Sky Light Apple | Android
SkyView Apple | Android
GoSkyWatch Planetarium Apple

  • Orion
    Did you know that the constellation of Orion is one of the most identifiable patterns of stars in the northern sky? In this constellation, Orion, the hunter, wears a belt that consists of three bright stars in a straight line, and hanging from his belt is a sword, made up of three fainter stars – one of which is not a star at all, but the Great Orion Nebula – a large glowing cloud of gas. Fascinating!
  • Andromeda
    And the constellation Andromeda has an interesting story: according to Greek mythology, she was a princess, chained to a rock, waiting for her demise by a sea monster. Her mother had bragged that her daughter was more beautiful than those of the sea god, Poseidon. Insulted and enraged, Poseidon sent floods to Andromeda’s kingdom. The only way to stop the floods was to sacrifice the princess, but as luck would have it, Perseus, the son of Zeus was on his way back from destroying Medusa, slayed the sea monster and saved the princess. The story is forever remembered in the stars!

Now that we’ve covered the stars, earn your stripes with this campfire fave, nobody is too grown up to enjoy S’mores! Courtesy of Pinterest, check out these delicious takes on a classic and then enjoy a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors with TENA® Overnight pads. Their lie down protection is designed to keep you dry at night, so the only thing keeping you up will be that lumpy air mattress.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

There’s no better time to hit the open road than the summer months. Satisfy your sense of adventure with a road trip with your best friends, your favorite tunes and the windows open.
Can’t decide on which route to take? We’ll get you on the right path with some of the best scenic roads for you to cruise on. Buckle up!

  • Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West
    A 120-mile route connecting the beautiful keys to vibrant Miami. Filled with bridges and causeways, you’ll feel like your piloting a hovercraft!
  • Columbia River Scenic Highway, Oregon
    Nearly a century old, this route is a scenic dream with breathtaking landscape. Stretching 75 miles, this route connects The Dalles to Troutdale, just east of Portland and overlooks the Columbia Gorge.
  • Pacific Coast Highway, San Luis Obispo to Monterey, California
    Also known as California’s Route 1, this stretch of winding highway overlooks some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery. With lush forest, pristine beaches and towering cliffs, this ride should definitely be on your bucket list.
  • With your route planned out, you’ll need some classic road trippin’ songs as the soundtrack to your open road adventure. Here are some timeless hits that were meant for the open road:

    • Golden Earring – Radar Love
    • Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle with You
    • The Cars – Let’s Go
    • Derek and the Dominos – Layla
    • John Mellencamp – Authority Song
    • Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio
    • Billy Ocean – Get outta my dreams, Get into my car
    • Beatles – Drive my Car
    • Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coupe
    • Eagles – Take it easy

    Or download a playlist from Spotify – there’s enough music there to keep you cruisin’ from coast to coast!
    Whether you’re taking the scenic route, a detour, or inescapably stuck in traffic; you won’t feel the need to make frequent stops using TENA® Ultra Thin Light Pad. Form fitting, sleek and super absorbent, you’ll feel covered while playing hours of ‘Eye Spy’ and ‘20 Questions’.

And Finally, Jump for Joy!

Take a trip down memory lane by skipping rope. Not only is it a fun and nostalgic activity, it’s also a great way to work up a sweat and improve your cardio! Check out these great skipping rope exercises.

Even though you may be close to a bathroom, all that jumping and laughing can trigger leakage as the exertion can put additional pressure on your bladder and pelvic walls. TENA® Moderate or Heavy Pads with super-absorbent technology are the perfect protection against those untimely moderate leaks, so you never skip a beat.

With all your summer activities lined up, TENA® has you covered whatever the occasion with a wide range of products for all levels of protection from light to heavy bladder leakage. That means the last thing on your mind while soaking up the sun and having fun will be a leak. So, this summer, get bladder leakage off of your mind and make room for all the wonderful memories you’re going to make.


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