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Your Summer Escape Travel Guide

Travel is a time to get away from your everyday schedule and experience a new city, country, continent or even culture. Whether your planning a road trip with your best friends, a tropical getaway with the family or a romantic journey with a loved one, be sure you get the most out of your adventure.

That means being prepared, especially if you have bladder weakness. Often during travel, it’s easy to stray from your typical routine. So, it’s important to have a plan in advance to ensure that you’re vacation goes as smooth as possible. From packing tips to travel advice and everything in between, we have your summer escape guide covered. That also means tips on how to stay dry. The last thing you want to worry about during your long awaited getaway is a pesky leak!

Start with a plan

If you’re in the planning phase, there are a few cool tricks you can do to make the process more seamless and cost effective. Deciding on your destination should be an exciting process! So, don’t get bogged down by all the perils of planning. Instead, follow these insider tips and impress your friends and family with your newfound booking skills.

  • Before you start your online search for flights, hotels and more, use an ‘Incognito Window’ or any private browser. Some companies will boost prices simply because you’re searching the web for prices. To open an incognito window, press Ctrl + Shift + N (in Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) or ⌘ - Shift - N (on a Mac). A window will open with a gray incognito icon and you’re ready to start surfing the web undercover.
  • When searching online, try using key words like ‘discount’, ‘promo’, ‘corporate code’, ‘coupon’ and ‘deal’ along with what you’re looking for. You may be surprised by some of the deals you come across.
  • There are tons of travel and booking sites out there. Try using international sites like and in comparison to traditional North American sites like It’s all about shopping around!
  • Did you know there’s an optimal time to actually book flights and hotels? Well, according to studies, there is. Wait until 3pm on Tuesdays. You may just save some bucks. Low airfare seems to appear between Sunday and Monday, people that book on those days then have 24 hours to actually purchase their tickets. Then on Tuesday, all the discount tickets that weren’t actually purchased come flooding back in the airline’s computer system. This results in the best time for you to scoop up cheap tickets!

Packing made easy

Now, let’s switch gears to packing. It can be a stressful part of the travel process! What to bring? What to wear? How many pairs of shoes do I need? All are valid questions. Much of this depends on where you are traveling.

A good rule of thumb is to pack outfits based on the number of days you’ll be away. This way, you’re sure not to over or under pack. Another rule of packing is to bring 3 tops for every bottom. Tops take up less space than bottoms and people are generally more comfortable repeating bottoms than tops. Here are some other great packing hacks that will make your packing routine, easy and simple.

  • Check your airline’s baggage/fee policies: Probably the most important tip, as it will dictate your whole packing plan of attack. Most airlines allow you to check one bag for free, but always double check.
  • Throw a dryer sheet in your suitcase: When you arrive at your destination, you’re clothes will smell so fresh and so clean.
  • Roll clothes instead of folding: You’ll be surprised how much space this saves.
  • Lay clothes in a dry cleaning bag: Worried about wrinkles? Lay your more delicate pieces flat in a dry cleaning bag and then fold as usual as the plastic will prevent creases.
  • Store cords / cables in a glasses case: Rather than rummaging through your luggage looking for your phone charger, keep all your chords in one convenient container
  • Take care of jewelry and accessories: A nice trick to keep earrings and cufflinks together is to pin each pair to a button. This way you’ll have each set in one convenient place. Also, for pieces like necklaces and bracelets, try threading them through straws. It’s the perfect way to avoid the dreaded tangle!
  • Put breakables in socks: This may sound strange at first, but socks make a great holder for fragile items like perfume.
  • Socks in shoes: When you think about it, the logical place to pack your socks is inside your shoes! To save space, stuff your socks inside your shoes and you’ll never have to rummage through your case to find a pair.
  • Shower cap your shoes: So your dirty soles don’t rub off on your clean clothes!
  • Pack your own sheet and pillow case: Because you never know until you arrive, some accommodations may not be up to your standards, plus you’ll have some comforts of home.
  • Make your suitcase standout: Last thing you want is your luggage to get lost or accidently taken. Pick a suitcase with a funky pattern or give it your own special marking. Here are a few fun, funky and creative ideas.
  • Having trouble deciding what to wear? No worries. Get some inspiration with these 30 Perfect Causal Summer Outfits to Copy Now!

Bladder weakness packing tip: If you suffer from leaks, be sure to pack enough of your favorite TENA liners, pads, guards or underwear. This is especially important, as you may not be able to find the product or size you like when you’re in an unfamiliar place.

Travel in comfort

Next up, getting there. Another part of the travel process that can be stressful, especially if you suffer from the bladder weakness. But not to worry, there are some simple things you can do both in the air and on the road to make traveling a breeze. Here are some tips on how to make your travel more comfortable:

  • Book an aisle seat: We’ve all been there, trapped in the dreaded middle seat. To avoid having to climb over the person next to you just to go to the bathroom, book an aisle seat. That way, if you feel an urge, you can simply get up and go. Also, it’s much easier to stretch your legs. Just watch out for the food cart!
  • Arrive early: Traveling by air? Be sure to get to the airport nice and early. Not only will you avoid stressful line-ups and rushing, you’ll have time to locate and use the bathroom in peace.
  • Bring a neck pillow: On a plan or in a train or car, you’re best friend can be a neck pillow. It keeps your head from swaying to either side and makes for much more comfortable naps
  • Watch what you drink: Stay away from leak-triggering fluids like coffee and alcohol. Instead, be sure to stay hydrated with water. Dehydration leads to concentrated urine, which can in turn irritate the bladder.
  • Void before you board: Be sure to empty your bladder before you board your flight or before you kick-off your road trip. This will make your life much more comfortable during travel.
  • Travel with a travel blanket: Flights can get pretty chilly. Lightweight travel blankets can keep you warm and double as a scarf!
  • Plan pit stops: If you’re hitting the open road, make sure to plan out scheduled stops before hand. Try planning stops for every 90 minutes or so. This should keep your mind at ease and ensure you have access to a bathroom as needed. No need to pull over on the side of the road!
  • Self-inflating seat cushion: Keep from cramping on a long trip with a self-inflating cushion. Simply twist a valve and you have a cloud-like cushion for your bottom. Your fellow travelers will envy you.
  • Stay entertained: Whether you’re in the car, on the train, or on a plane, it can be hard to pass the time. But not to worry, we’ve got some creative ways to keep your attention and in turn, make time fly during travel:
    • Bring a coloring book and get weird with it! Contrary to popular belief, coloring isn’t just for kids. It can actually be extremely therapeutic, mindless and entertaining. Traveling with a buddy? Use the same book and compare your works of art afterwards. Or try a mandala – create intricate, beautiful designs with free downloads here.
    • Grab a magazine that you wouldn’t normally read. Rather than bringing along your usual material, keep me the mind guessing with something completely different. You may even learn something!
    • Get nostalgic and play a game of MASH. If you’re with an old friend, this is an especially great way to reminisce. Old crushes, high school, your dream car, what could be better? Need a quick refresher on how to play? Click here!
    • Write a story. There’s no better time to dive into that screenplay you’ve always dreamed of writing. Need a setting for your story? How about a plane?
    • Remember to update your music library, download some hilarious podcasts and get some new apps for your tablet. Technology is always a great way to keep entertained. Here is a list of the best podcasts to keep your mind occupied for your long journey. And if you’re concerned about a pesky leak as result of a good laugh from a hilarious podcast, be sure to wear your favorite TENA® product. With TENA® you’re 100% covered so you can laugh without the worry.

Make every experience memorable

Now that you’ve safely arrived at your destination, you want to embrace and enjoy every moment of your trip. The best way to do this is to completely immerse yourself in the city, town or culture you’re visiting. From eating native foods, touring landmarks and meeting the locals, each destination has so much to offer. Just as important as living in the moment is, documenting your whole experience is also key.

Don’t forget your camera! Not only is it a great way to create memories, it also encourages you to do and see as much as possible. Not a pro photographer? Here are a few helpful tips to get the best Instagram-worthy shots. Once you get home, print those pictures! It’s nice having a physical output to use in an album or scrapbook down the road. Check out this board on Pinterest for some scrapbooking inspiration! Want to keep your family and friends back home up-to-date on your adventure? Start a travel blog! It’s a super easy way to keep everyone back home in the loop. Update it daily if you can, profiling all your excursions and experiences. Use sites like WordPress or Wix to host your blog, as they are very user-friendly. For a more detailed guide on how to start your very own travel blog, give this great article a read.

A prepared traveler is a happy traveler

While you’re on your trip, you want to be free to relish every moment. The key to this is being prepared for every situation. Everything from the weather to language to leaks, it’s important to be ready for anything. So, don’t let bladder weakness stop you from doing everything you want to do. Leaks should be a mere afterthought as long as you’re prepared. Here are some confidence-boosting tips to curb wetness and keep you prepared during your trip.

  • Carry a daypack: Whether it’s your purse, bag or backpack, be sure to pack a mini absorbency kit while you’re out. Bring along your go-to products, like pads and liners, as well as towelettes and a plastic bag for soiled items. This is especially important as many foreign countries have different customs. For instance in Japan, everyone is expected to carry their own toilet tissue for public bathrooms.
  • Daypacks are also great to keep other travel essentials handy:
    • Sunscreen: The sun is at it’s strongest during the summer months. It’s important to have sunscreen with a high spf on you at all times. Remember to re-apply!
    • Umbrella: You never know when a storm can hit. Be sure to keep dry and pack an umbrella.
    • Jacket: The weather can change quite drastically from morning to night. Bring along a light jacket on your daily excursions to keep warm on those chilly evenings.
    • Cell phone charger: You’re sure to be snapping countless pictures on your trip. That means a drained cell phone battery is a likely scenario. Pack your charger, along with an adaptor (depending on where you’re traveling). This way you can stay on the grid day in and day out.
  • Carry change: Public bathrooms in many countries are not free so having change on hand will avoid any panic
  • Know how to ask for the bathroom: Traveling to a foreign country? Brush up on the local language so you’re able to ask for the bathroom when in need. Not good with languages? Here’s how to ask for the nearest bathroom in a few key languages.
    • Spanish: ¿Dónde está el baño más cercano?
    • French: Où est le plus proche des toilettes?
    • German: Wo ist die nächste Toilette?
    • Italian: Dove si trova il bagno più vicino?
    • Swedish: Var ligger närmsta toaletten?
    • Portuguese: Onde é o banheiro mais próximo?
    • Russian: Gde blizhayshiy tualet?
    • Japanese: Doko ni ichiban chikai toire wa arimasu ka?
    • Chinese: Nǎlǐ shì zuìjìn de xǐshǒujiān?

    Not so good with languages? No worries - there’s an app for that! Check out these 5 free language apps to help you with all your translation needs:

    • Duolingo
    • Memrise
    • Busuu
    • Google Translate
    • iHandy Translator Free
  • Find out where to buy incontinence products: Do your research before hand and find out where to buy your favorite products. In some countries, they may only be available in a pharmacy. A good place to start is Here, you can find out more about where you can find TENA products around the globe. When you plan ahead, you avoid any worry or confusion during travel.
  • Have incontinence products sent to your destination discreetly: Rather than having to worry about stocking up in an unfamiliar place, you can have products like TENA sent discreetly to your travel destination! This eliminates much of the stress as you’re getting a product you trust and love.
  • Know your metric weight and size: As sizing may be different in foreign countries, it’s useful to know your body weight and size to ensure the best fit. In the US, when referring to waist size, we often use inches. However, many countries use the metric system and may in turn refer to sizes in centimeters. We measure our weight in pounds but many countries use kilos. Therefore, it’s important to know your own measurements so you can find the right fit for you. Try using a helpful conversion site so you can conveniently figure out your metric weight and size.

Traveling with bladder weakness doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. With TENA® incontinence products, it’s extremely easy to plan ahead and ensure you’re prepared for any situation. Right from the packing stage, it’s important you’re organized so that travel and your time off are as enjoyable as possible. Vacations are meant to be stress free and with these summer travel tips, you’re sure to be the confident and fearless you.


I have worn these for years and I love them. Perfect for traveling, shopping or just any place that you might not be able to find a restroom readily available.

- TENA® Customer in Clintor, AR

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