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Protective Shield and Absorbent Guards Kit

Light drips to Moderate Surges

These bladder male leakage guards are designed to protect against a range of light drips to heavy surges. Strong adhesive strips secure the guard to your underwear and are designed specifically for men.

This Free Trial Kit Contains:

  • 1 TENA Men Protective Shield
  • 1 TENA Men Absorbent Guard Moderate
  • 1 TENA Men Absorbent Guard Heavy

Absorbent Protective Underwear Kit

Heavy Bladder Leakage Protection

Discover the secure leakage protection of our TENA MEN Protective Underwear. Specifically designed for the male anatomy. This absorbent underwear protects against heavy urine leaks and ensures you stay dry and leak free.

This Free Trial Kit Contains:

  • 1 TENA MEN Underwear
  • Available in:
  • Medium/Large: 34" - 50"
  •    - or -
  • Extra Large: 44" - 64"