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Types of Incontinence: Moderate Incontinence + Moderate Incontinence Products

Incontinence can affect anyone depending on type, gender, and age. Finding a reliable product can be difficult; a good place to begin starts with finding the right amount of absorbency you need in an incontinence product.

What is Moderate Incontinence?

Moderate incontinence is defined by the volume that an incontinence product can hold. Moderate bladder incontinence products can hold up to 3 cups/24 ounces/710 ml. (1)

There are several different types of incontinence; stress, urge, mixed, overflow and functional incontinence. (2) Different types of incontinence can result in different amounts of urine and therefore amount of absorbency needed.

  • Stress incontinence - Light
  • Urge incontinence - Moderate
  • Mixed incontinence - Moderate
  • Overflow incontinence - Heavy
  • Functional incontinence - Heavy

Products for Moderate Incontinence

When it comes to finding the right incontinence product for you, it is important to test out different products. TENA has an array of moderate incontinence products.

TENA Intimates Pads Moderate Regular

TENA Intimates Pads Moderate Long

TENA Intimates Moderate Thin Pads Long

TENA Intimates Extra Coverage Moderate Pads

TENA MEN Moderate Protective Guards - Level 2

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for educational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Caregivers should always consult with health care professionals if they have any questions about a specific medical condition, treatment or use of products.

(1) - https://myliberty.life

(2) - https://www.health.harvard.edu and https://www.tenaprofessionals.us

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