Three Steps for Lasting Results

Best-practice personal hygiene and continence care is a process that needs continual attention and refinement. To help you find, implement and sustain improvements in your personal hygiene and continence care, we have defined a repeatable process in three steps. You decide if you want to assess TENA Solutions in one unit to start with, or in your entire care home.

Plan: We explore your situation to see where there's room for possible improvements.

In this phase we do an initial assessment, create an action plan and conduct a test. In other words, TENA experts and your management team map out where you are and where you could be. And then we work out how we’re going to get there.

Coach: As the plan is executed, we support caregivers with expertise and guidance.

The agreed action plan is put into practice. TENA experts train, coach and support staff in their daily work as they implement individual care plans, good-practice product selection and continence care routines.

Monitor: TENA experts and care home management follow up results and measure the actions taken.

The aim is continuous improvements. The outcome of the action plan is measured, not just in terms of “How much” but also “How well”. A program of actions for further improvements is also developed.