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Our Technology Provides Superior Urine Leakage Protection

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When it comes to our absorbent pads, you may wonder how TENA packs so much absorbency into such thin and discreet products. Our Super Absorbent Microbeads provide the answer. These innovative materials not only retain many times their weight in liquid, which keeps them slim, they also neutralize odors, making them the ideal solution for staying comfortable and dry.

Quick-dry topsheets speed up absorption, while Super Absorbent Microbeads lock in moisture

Super Absorbent Microbeads can retain many times their weight in liquid and neutralize odor.

What Makes Our Products Better

Not all super absorbent microbeads are created equal. We use only the highest quality available, engineered to maximize the performance of our absorbent pads. Our microbeads provide:

  • Fast absorption to wick moisture away from your skin
  • Powerful liquid retention, even under the pressure of sitting or moving
  • Resistance to swelling for a discreet and comfortable fit
  • pH balancing to neutralize odors

Innovative Features Increase Your Protection

Our advanced materials are only part of the story. Innovative design features provide you with:

  • Anatomically shaped absorbent pads for men to ensure highly absorbent materials are in the right place to handle the job
  • This area provides even more protection with super absorbent microbeads.
  • Quiet, non-woven materials to keep products even more discreet.

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 It is very absorbent but also feels dry when wet. They are easy to carry with you in their indivdual wrapper. 

- TENA® Customer in Wausau, WI

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