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Incontinence Information for Caregivers

We've pulled together some material we think will help caregivers better manage their day to day lives. We know how important it is to be there for our loved ones in the time of need, and it can be a big change in your life. But there are many ways to minimalize your stress and connect with those you're caring for. See the sections below to educate yourself on caring for those with adult incontinence.

Know the Basics

Understand the basics of incontinence. These articles help caregivers understand the basics surrounding those who experience incontinence and challenges they face.

  • The Basics of Incontinence: Learn about the basics of incontinence. A general understanding of the issue can help you understand where to start.

  • Different Types of Incontinence: There are varying types of incontinence. Discovering what you of leakage best fits your loved one can help you better manage your day and find the suitable product.

  • The Signs Of Incontinence: It may not be apparent at first whether or not your loved one develops a leakage issue

Understanding Your Loved Ones Situation

There are many health issues that contribute to incontinence. Each issue requires varied levels of care and present different challenges. Understanding these issues can help you select an optimal care plan.

Connect and Support Your Loved One

Communication is essential to helping and understanding the needs of those with incontinence. Though it can prove difficult to begin the conversation, both caregiver and loved one can gain a great deal by talking.

  • Social Media Advocacy: There's plenty you can do through social media to connect with your family or advocate for those with incontinence.

  • Talking About Incontinence: You can gain a great deal by talking to incontinent loved ones about their situation. We've helped with a way to start the conversation.

  • Long Distance Caregiving: We may not always be able to directly care for a family member, but that doesn't mean you can't support them in other ways. See some tips on how to show you care over distance.

  • Incontinent and Fearless: A leakage issue doesn't have to stop anyone from experiencing life. Take back control and let you be you.

Finding the Right Product

Learn how to find the right product for your loved one and expert tricks for affording care and taking advantage of government assistance. Look at the product profiles and programs you can take advantage of to optimize your care plan.

  • Finding Nurse Care: It may be difficult to start out looking. We've gathered some information to help you understand where to start when looking for assistance with loved ones.

  • Paying for Care: There's plenty you can do to minimize the cost of caring for a loved one. Learn some tricks on how to lighten the pressure on your wallet.

  • Home Healthcare Supplies: There's plenty of Home Healthcare Dealers stocking the things you need to properly care for a loved one. See some of whats available.

  • FSA Information: TENA Products are FSA eligible. Learn how you can use flex spending dollars to support incontinence as well.

Extended Care

Caring for a loved one may mean a long-term change to your routine. This can be both scary and stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Extended care situations can be managed with the right amount of planning. Learn some of the different ways you can optimize your care plan and avoid challenges.

  • Skincare Wellbeing: Skin health is one of the most important facets of caregiving. Keeping your loved one's skin healthy can limit complications and keep them comfortable.

  • Guide to Daily Incontinence Use: Learn how to identify what schedule is best to keep your loved one dry. This can help reduce stress and limit the number of changes necessary.

  • Take some Expert Tips: Try using these tips in your daily incontinence care routine to save time and effort while getting back to your daily life. Save a few extra minutes and do something fun later.

Tips and Resources

Look through some other tips for caregiving to better understand how to manage incontinence and find additional resources around the web. There's plenty of information of you keep digging.

  • What Is Good Care: It's a question we all ask ourselves. Learn what to expect from the caregiver relationship. With these tips you can be the right kind of support.

  • 7 Tips for Your Day: Try some more quick tips that can help you save effort here and there. Take some stress out of your day.

  • Internet, A Discreet Resource: It can be embarrassing to ask around for information. Those seeing a discreet resource can turn online to get answers and direction for incontinence care.

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