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Articles, Tips & Advice for Women

Find tips, articles and answers to better understand urinary incontinence. Understand the basic causes of bladder leaks or get the steps to beneficial exercises to improve bladder control. No matter if its a light bladder leak or heavy urinary incontinence, TENA is here to help.

Learn more about Urinary Incontinence for Women

Most women experience it at one time or another. Learn about what the Unexpected Leak™ is and why it happens.

The Unexpected Leak™—What is it?
Types of Incontinence in Women
Causes of Incontinence in Women

Living with the Unexpected Leak™

Perhaps you've stopped drinking water at night or given up coffee on the way to work. You don't have to. We understand you have a life to live. Here are some tools to help you live it fearlessly.

Tips On Dealing With Incontinence
Protection for the Unexpected Leak™
Exercises to Help with the Unexpected Leak™
Maxi Pads Aren't Made for Incontinence

Pregnancy and New Mothers

Your life and your body are changing dramatically. Discover what's going on and hear from others who have been there before.

The Unexpected Leak™ During and After Pregnancy
How Pregnancy Affects Your Urinary Health

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