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What People With Incontinence Do

The first experiences with incontinence can leave someone apprehensive about what they're still capable of. And it can leave someone wondering, what can I still do when I have incontinence?




Everyone bust a move! Despite the twisting and crazy movements some of people break out on the dance floor, those with incontinence are getting back to the Tango while protecting against leaks with TENA. We say, dance like no ones looking!

Get back to shaking it up

Date Night

There's nothing like a quite romantic evening with a spouse, partner or a first date! But worrying about a leak or a surge can put a damper on the evening. Don't let leaks stop a romantic evening. Keep being a hopeless romantic.

Enjoy a romantic evening again


Spending time with family in so important to so many, but being nervous about leaving the house or picking up a child or grand child can make people apprehensive. We're thrilled so many feel the confidence to step back out and join their families.

Start taking more family time

Food Shopping/Errands

Waitin in the check out line can be annoying, but add stress or urge incontinence to the mix and it can be nerve wracking. But with the right TENA product, people can relax knowing they're protected against leaks, odor and wetness. Grab a coupon and save while your out.

Check things off the list again


Those with incontinence know, kneeling down or lifting heavy objects can put stress on ones bladder and cause leaks. However, millions refuse to let leaks prevent them from stopping and smelling the roses.

Start using that green thumb


Whether taking a walk in the woods or enjoying a local nature trail, hiking can be a rigorous activity. With TENA people have been able to return to nature and enjoy the world around them without worrying about leaks.

Go try a new trail


So many fear leaks during a movie, be it a scene that makes someone laugh or a thriller that makes someone gasp. Leaks are no reason to fear the theater. Go out and enjoy the evening with the triple protection of TENA

Make it to a matinee

Plane Travel

Don't fear the lavatory back up on the plane. Traveling can involve a lot of waiting and stress which make controlling leaks challanging. That doesnt stop many with incontinence, who rely on the protection they trust most.

Prepare for take off

Road Biking

Whether it's commuting to work or taking a long weekend cruise, biking puts a lot of stress on your core that may cause leaks. That doesn't stop people from getting on their bikes and getting out to enjoy a nice ride.

Climb back in the saddle

Road Trips

So many are getting back to the open road knowing they don't have to worry about embarassing leaks or taking a break at every rest stop just in case. Get back to the open road without taking the worry of urine leaks along with you.

Get back on the road again


More and more people are getting a restful night sleep knowing they won't wake up to a urine leak in the morning. And now with the new protection of TENA Overnight Underwear more and more people are getting back to being sweet dreamers.

get back to being a heavy sleeper

Yoga and Pilates

Both Yoga and Pilates strengthen your core and pelvic floor to help control incontinence. Rest in that Chair Pose for another minute and join those returning to their weekly work out class without leaks. Check out our latest yoga and pilates articles. Namaste!

Try a new yoga position this week

SOURCE: TENA Consumer Newsletter Feedback from 2015 and 2016

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