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Why Breathability is an Important Factor in Skin Health

Skin health is exceptionally important for people with incontinence as intimate skin can become dry and irritated. As we age, skin tends to be more dry and rough as a result of the natural decrease both in skin cell regeneration and production of the skin’s own conditioners. It is recommended to use breathable products to combat moisture and protect your skin.

Breathability is the key to optimal skin health. The relative humidity and temperature in the area between the absorbent product and the skin is referred to as a microclimate. While wearing bladder protection products, your intimate area can get “hot and humid” and studies have shown that a user’s sensation of wetness is associated with discomfort. TENA Intimates range of incontinence products are made with breathable materials to assist in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance by helping to keep the skin comfortable and dry.

I chose Tena because the pads are soft and comfortable.

- Linda New Berlin, WI

The unique design of TENA Intimates pads utilize a fast-acting, highly absorbent core that wicks moisture away from the skin’s surface. This absorbent core is surrounded by a unique outer layer containing micro-pores. This layer allows excessive moisture to evaporate, keeping your intimate area comfortable and allowing the skin to breathe. Evaporation of moisture is proven to help maintain balance and to help promote better skin health. TENA intimates was created to support skin health with breathable absorbent products. The entire TENA Intimates line has been dermatologically tested.

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