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Overnight Incontinence Tips, Features, and Products

When dealing with incontinence, nighttime can be a nightmare if you aren’t utilizing the proper overnight incontinence products.

Overnight Incontinence Tips

Three ways to help limit overnight incontinence include:

  1. Limit food and beverage intake before bedtime
  2. Use the restroom before bed
  3. Utilize overnight incontinence products

Functionality, features, and benefits

Different factors should be considered when selecting the products that are right for you.

  • Size - Incontinence products come in different sizes. Finding your correct size is extremely important not only for fit and comfort but also to help prevent leakage. View our size guide for TENA Overnight Underwear.
  • Volume + Absorbency - How much the product can hold is a big factor in finding the right product for you. Overnight products are often more absorbent than other products.
  • Breathability - Skin in contact with moisture for extended periods can affect the perineal area.

Best TENA Products for Overnight Incontinence Protection

TENA has two products designed specifically for overnight wear and protection.

TENA Overnight Underwear

Our Overnight Underwear offers protection for worry-free nights.

  • Size - TENA Overnight Underwear comes in various sizes based on waist size.
  • Volume + Absorbency - Our Overnight Underwear is designed specifically for nighttime protection.
  • Breathability - TENA Overnight Underwear is 100% breathable.

TENA Intimates Overnight Pads

Our Overnight Pads also offer overnight protection for worry-free nights, but in pad form.

  • Size - TENA Intimates Overnight Pads are 16 inches in length and adhere to the inside of your underwear.
  • Volume + Absorbency - Our Overnight Pads are the most absorbent pad in our Intimates line and help protect from heavy leaks and overnight leaks.
  • Breathability - TENA Overnight Pads are 100% breathable.

Nighttime doesn’t have to be difficult while dealing with incontinence. Keep these tips in mind while searching for the best overnight incontinence product for you.

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