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Winter Activities and Incontinence

When the winter months arrive, those with incontinence can find the changing seasons complicating daily routines. That doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying their winter. A bit of planning can make a big difference. How does one manage bladder leaks and enjoy the winter? Try these tips and activities throughout the winter and take control of urinary incontinence.

Stay Warm and Bundled Up

First, it’s important to know the cold weather in winter can complicate bladder leakage. Studies show when muscles get cold they can tense up and make it difficult to control the muscles around the bladder. Keeping warm and properly layered can relax help muscles and make them easier to tighten when the urge to use the bathroom arrives.

Hit the Slopes

Downhill and Cross Country Skiing involve a lot of core and leg strength and many avoid these activities as they can put strain on the bladder. A leak in snow pants can leave one cold and ready to call it quits for the day rather than enjoy themselves. Depending on the volume of leakage, it may be beneficial to over plan for the day and switch to a protective underwear product, and under snow pants no one will notice.

Go Trekking with Snow Shoes

While sidewalks and paths can get icy, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get out and take a winter stroll. Try snow shoeing this winter to get out and enjoy nature. Many ski resorts offer paths for those who aren’t interested in hitting the slopes, and rentals are often available for first timers who are looking to learn.

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Go Volunteer at a Local Kitchen

Winter can be hard on everyone. What better way to spend the cold months than volunteering at a local soup kitchen and devoting time to the community. Volunteering even once a month can make a huge difference for organizations that need help collecting canned goods or service food to those in need. So start a food drive or pick up a serving shift this weekend and lend a hand.

Coffee Alternatives for Those with Bladder Issues

When keeping warm during the winter, many reach for a warm cup of coffee, but caffeine can add additional stress on your bladder. When trying to stay warm and dry, reach for something that’s delicious and wont aggravate incontinence issues. Try a cup of hot chocolate, a nice hot apple cider or some warm peppermint tea to beat the winter cold. Remember limiting your liquid intake can also trigger bladder issues, so makes sure you stay properly hydrated to maintain bladder health.

Get Out and Build a Snow Man

Staying active is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Getting outside with loved ones and building a snow man is a good way to keep moving while doing something fun. Though lifting things can put stress on the bladder, with the right product to protect against leaks and some pelvic floor training, it’s possible to improve bladder control while remaining protected. So, get out and try some of creative snow man ideas.

Enjoy the Great Indoors

There’s plenty to do indoors as well for those who don’t want to brave the cold. Grab the family and cozy up for a movie night or curl up in front of the fire with a good book. Now is a good time to relax after all the running around during the holidays. It’s important to remember stress can complicate bladder issues, and make them more difficult to manage. Be sure to take some time for yourself.

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