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A New Way to Get TENA Products - AutoBuy & Save

Updated November 11, 2021 - Philadelphia, PA TENA consumers in the US never have to worry about running out of stock of their favorite products. The AutoBuy & Save Subscription Service provides a convenient, discreet delivery method while providing discounts on TENA products. Customers can customize their delivery schedule online, and receive a 15% discount on the purchase. If they buy $50 or more, the typical cost of a case, they get free shipping on orders.

The program is as easy for customers to understand and place orders:

  1. They choose a product
  2. Select a delivery frequency (1 month, 2 months, 3 months.)
  3. Complete the online checkout process
  4. Receive an email notification 10 days before the next scheduled delivery giving them the option to change, delete or approve the next shipment.
  5. Receive their products discreetly at their location
More in-depth instructions, including step-by-step visuals, can be found on the website.

“According to a recent report, 38% of US consumers who regularly purchase health and beauty products online say they're signed up for a subscription service,” said Matt Leopold, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Director. “Forward thinking online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and many others are adding the function to lock in consumer loyalty and repurchase. There is a segment of loyal customers who want to get their products directly from the manufacturer and we wanted to reward them for their loyalty."

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