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The Internet - A Discreet Resource for Incontinence Support

How to use the Internet for Incontinence Support

If your loved one has incontinence and is uncomfortable speaking with others or researching products in the store, help them leverage the Internet for their personal care product needs. The Internet provides convenient access to valuable product and medical information, along with privacy while making purchases. Most importantly, other caregivers just like you are shopping online for products, likely have the same questions and concerns that you have, and may have tips to share. The opportunity for anonymous interaction with other consumers is one of the most valuable aspects of shopping for incontinence products online.

In this article, we will help you guide your loved one to the valuable resources available on the Web. Familiarize yourself with these tips to help her get the information and products she needs, with the convenience and discretion of online hopping.

1. Product Research – Where to Go

With the many home healthcare products out there, the search and decision-making process can be exhausting and stressful. You can simplify this process by knowing which websites offer the caregiver products you need. Though a simple Google search can be very revealing, it’s helpful to know the types of websites available that can help you research and order incontinence products.

  • Company websites for incontinence manufacturers: There’s no better way to get the full range of products that are available for accidents than going to the website of an actual incontinence product manufacturer. Many manufacturers’ offer community areas for discrete discussions about product selection and usage. From absorbent underpads to underwear and briefs, manufacturer websites can show you the specialized array of products you may need to help your loved one live life boldly.
  • Home delivery incontinence suppliers: The Internet has a nice selection of websites that offer a range of options for incontinence supplies and delivery. Whether you’re paying with Medicaid, a flexible-spending account, or out-of-pocket, there’s a website that can help. One site to note is HDIS. Options like this are not only convenient, but they help avoid any uncomfortable situations at the checkout stand. Many struggle with unavoidable drips, and buying incontinence items should not be shameful, but many fear the checkout stand. Home delivery of personal items is a great option to avoid any distressing situations.
  • Online retailers: Sometimes, the best websites for a quick survey of products are aggregate sites that allow you to search keywords for caregiver products and also show you a range of products from different manufacturers. Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and CVS.com are websites that provide an array of brands, prices, and reviews for incontinence products.

Insider tip: Try using specific keywords in your next search. Once you’re able to navigate your way through [the types of incontinence products available](link to: guide to daily use) online, use keywords that describe the product you need most. For example, for men’s products that offer full coverage, search using phrases like “adult briefs for men.” You should have a good idea of the top products within the first few pages of results on any website.

2. Product Research - Choose the Right Product for Your Loved One

As the saying goes, “Always get a second opinion.” Luckily, shopping for leakage products online means that there’s no shortage of second, third, fourth … opinions. Before you make a purchase, you typically want to have identified the best and most cost-effective option, so it’s important to remember the following things when shopping online:

  • Explore product options. Make sure to read through the many product features as you identify what’s important for your loved one. Does your loved one need full coverage, thin pads, or simply a product for good measure? Reading descriptions will help you and your loved one decide. Look for coupons and free trials. As with any other wearable, your loved one may have to try out a few options before finding what’s best. Explore company websites, like TENA, to see what’s available.
  • Read product reviews. Many websites such as TENA reviews, Amazon.com reviews, and HDIS.com reviews feature consumer reviews about products written by real people who have tried and rated products themselves. Reviews can be extremely helpful because they come from real people dealing with real-life circumstances.
  • Ask for input. The Internet is more than a place for simple information gathering. Online, you or your loved one can connect with other consumers who have experience with incontinence products, all from the privacy of your own home. Creating a profile with an online retail site or patient forum takes only a few minutes, and you are identified only by the user name you choose. Once you have a profile, ask questions of other shoppers! For example, another consumer might help you decide between two products that you are considering. Receiving input specific to your situation can be hugely helpful and, by empowering you to make the best possible purchase for your loved one, save you time downthe road.

Insider tip: Read multiple reviews. Considering multiple reviews from different consumers may allow you a broad spectrum of feedback on product features that you wouldn’t think to ask or be concerned about. You can’t put too much weight in any one review: there’s always one or two people with extreme opinions who are not good sources of input. Read at least 8 to 10 posts to get a better idea of the usage and quality of a product..

3. Make a Discreet Online Purchase

Now that you have located and been informed about the best products out there, Take the steps to determine what amount and frequency of deliveries work for your budget and needs.

  • Determine quantity needed. Many company websites offer free coupons and free shipping with a minimum purchase, so it can be more economical to buy in bulk, or to set up automatic shipments.
  • Find the website aligned with your payment method. Whether you’re paying with Medicaid, a flexible-spending account, or out-of-pocket, home healthcare sites, like HDIS can help. Options like this are not only convenient, but they help avoid awkward situations at the grocery store.
  • Set up automatic shipment. If you’re interested in setting up a recurring order and delivery of a certain home healthcare product, check out Amazon’s subscribe and save program, wherein items that are consistently shipped may be discounted. You can select monthly deliveries, every other month, twice a year, etc. HDIS has a similar personalized delivery plan for home healthcare products that offers a 5% discount and allows you to select a delivery schedule.

Insider tip: Look for special offers. Before you make the purchase, check for any special offers or coupons available for the home healthcare products for which you are shopping/.

4. Share Your Experience

While researching personal care products online, you may have found that the Internet can be an unexpected source of support. Now that you have mastered the online shopping experience for incontinence products, likely with guidance from other online consumers, you can help others do the same!

  • Write a review of your experience with the product yourself. Not only can it be personally helpful or therapeutic to gather your thoughts about a particular product or process, but others might want to connect with you. As mentioned above, you can create a profile with a manufacturer or retail website in a few simple steps, and your product reviews posted online are anonymous.
  • You can also share your story in community areas of sites or by joining an online support group. You may feel that you don't have much to offer, but your experiences and wealth of knowledge are invaluable to others embarking on a caregiving journey. Contributing to an online community can be very rewarding and remind you that you are not alone!
  • Read the stories of other caregivers and loved ones who have found comfort and empowerment with their choice of products. Reflecting on others’ experiences can be a great motivator and provide clarity when making decisions regarding your loved one’s personal care needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak out. Those who are going through it (or caring for it) will be grateful to hear from others. When you’re speaking to a friend or a relative who has the same struggle, talking about your own experiences will help them feel less alone and more confident.

The Internet is a discrete and powerful resource for communicating with others and for finding the products you need. It is an invaluable tool for helping you and you’re your loved one feel empowered and under control.


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