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Fact or Fiction?

Learning about incontinence can help you manage it better. You’ll also learn that there’s a lot of misunderstanding and myths about incontinence. For example, you probably didn’t realize just how common it is.


Only women 55+ experience incontinence.

This is false. It makes little difference whether you’re young or older. Anyone can experience incontinence at any age. Often it’s a side effect of pregnancy (see Pregnancy and New Mothers) many young female athletes have it too. So it is not necessarily an age thing.


It's best to keep this condition a deep dark secret.

This is false. The subject of incontinence is no longer taboo. Resources like www.tena.us provide millions with valuable insights and information.


Your body type affects your bladder condition.

This is false. Tall, short, dark or light, a bladder leakage condition doesn't discriminate. It has been shown, however, that obesity may be a factor.


Childbirth can be a cause of incontinence.

This is true. While giving birth is a joy for you, it can be hard on pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder. That's why these muscles need to get back into 'pre-baby' shape.


Your bladder can be 'retrained'.

This is true. A series of daily Kegel exercises can whip most women's pelvic muscles into shape. Visit Exercises to Help with The Unexpected Leak™ for additional information.


Sanitary pads are more discreet than incontinence protection products.

This is false. Because incontinence products specifically designed to absorb and retain urine, they are two sizes smaller than the equivalent absorbency level of sanitary pad and more secure. So they are actually more discreet. And because they have Advanced Odor Protection...they provide even more discretion, comfort and peace of mind.

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