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Caroline, 64

I’m normally a very upbeat person, but after experiencing my first urine leak, I felt defeated. I didn’t want to talk with my girlfriends about it and was embarrassed to mention it to my husband. Instead of picking up my first grandchild I pretended to suffer from a hurt back for fear the strain might cause more leaks. More and more I chose to stay home rather than go out.

After doing some research, I tried the light TENA sample kit and found your lighter pads were comfortable and caught any of the little leaks I experienced when laughing with my girlfriends or even when I would go to stand up! Now I feel like my old self again and don’t have to fear picking up my granddaughter anymore. I'm not thrilled about needing a pad, but after trying a few found the one that’s the perfect size and softness for me.

It's a relief to know that I found something that can give me back some piece of mind.