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Jeffery, 30

Being a 30-year-old man with moderate incontinence, I thought "how could this be happening already?" Incontinence is for seniors, right? But I've been to several urologists over the past 4 years and have tried several treatments which didn’t help. With my condition I regularly wet the bed, and now need to wear diapers to bed. After my doctor was unable to find a cure for me and repeated trips to the urologist who tried many things but nothing helped I decided to try TENA MEN Protective Underwear.

At first I did not like the idea of wearing a diaper to bed but after a month of waking up in a dry bed, I was relieved. It was freeing knowing I could go to bed with the confidence that even if I do pee while I sleep my bed will be dry in the morning.

In the past few years I've had several day and night accidents which made me nervous, but with a discreet underwear that caught my dribbles I felt secure knowing no one would know. Now I walk around confident again feeling more in control of my life and situation.