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Why Breathability is Important in your Incontinence Products

You’ve likely heard it before - wear breathable clothing. But why?

Keeping perineal skin clean and dry can help diminish the overall effect of incontinence on the skin. An important factor to clean, dry skin, is a breathable fabric, and specifically breathable incontinence products.

When dealing with incontinence, skin can often be held close against different types of moisture and heat which can lead to issues down the line. When skin is in consistent contact with wetness, it heightens the risk for fungal infection.(6)


The most common fungal skin infection related to incontinence is candida infection. Candida infection, or diaper rash, can cause itching, rash, and blistering or splotching of the skin. (7) By wearing breathable fabric, airflow can help keep skin dry, therefore eliminating contact with a warm, moist environment.

The best way to avoid infection is to keep skin clean, wear breathable clothing, change clothing and incontinence products often, and ventilate skin when possible (6).

Mental health

Incontinence may not only lead to potential skin infections, it can also be tied to mental health and overall quality of life. Social settings can be difficult when dealing with incontinence; it can be easy to seclude and isolate to avoid uncomfortable situations. Finding reliable, breathable incontinence products can help eliminate stress and anxiety related to incontinence (1, 4).

Overall, breathable incontinence products may not only be beneficial to your skin, but also to your mental health. Keeping skin clean and dry may help to avoid skin infections and discomfort (1). Breathability is a key factor in finding a quality incontinence product.

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