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50 Years of Confident Incontinence Experience

TENA is the global leader in providing products and services for continence care. Through the years we’ve always strived towards creating products and solutions for improved care for individuals, while offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.


TENA introduced its first disposable absorbent underpad to replace the textile drawsheet and plastic undersheet previously used to protect against leaks. This greatly improved hygiene and quality of care for senior and healthcare patients.


TENA develops its first adult incontinence diaper providing on-the-go protection for people experiencing the unexpected leak. These products sported a fit and comfort that could be worn under clothing and gave people the ability to go about their lives.


We improved on our previous diaper designs by replacing the traditional cellulose absorbent core traditionally used with a new material the polymer we now refer to as Super Absorbent Microbeads. This innovation gave TENA products superior absorbency while making our products slimmer while retaining or improving on their absorbency. We also introduced night time products to protect against leaks while sleeping and the TENAFORM Comfort products with increased comfort and mobility.

Traditionally focused on heavy leakage, We expanded our assortment and developed pads to accommodate lighter leakage with increased security and protection. Pads offered a new range of products and greater options for people.



As technology improves so do our products. Now TENA offers complete overnight lie down protection in our TENA Serenity Overnight Pad. We offer an increased assortment of Mens’ products that include absorbent guards and shield. Finally, our newest innovation yet. The TENA InstaDRY Pads. With 864 tiny funnels, these pads absorb faster than any of our other pads.

After 50 years we're still innovating and looking for new ways to bring comfort and security to you. Keep checking back or subscribe to our newsletter for product updates.