Promoting better care at home -- for everyone involved

Supporting home caregivers in providing better incontinence care at home can do wonders for their loved ones' health and happiness – and can be cost effective with TENA high-quality absorbent products!

Incontinence is an all-too-frequent reason for a patient to need full-time residential care. But what if their incontinence can be successfully managed at home?

Managing care ... and costs

Many individuals prefer to stay in their own homes as long as possible. And with effective home care resources, many individuals can live in their own homes longer. An optimized home care service that includes TENA high-quality products for incontinence care can help.

The next step?

How do you deliver better care while promoting lower total costs? Let TENA be of service. Through TENA products and services you can find the best balance between costs and care quality. We help make at-home incontinence care more viable for everyone involved.