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Are Bladder Leaks Affecting Your Intimate Skin Health?

for those with incontience, protecting intimate skin can improve comfort and quality of life

For those experiencing incontinence, skin care may not be the issue top of mind, but make no mistake, it plays an essential role in keeping you feeling comfortable through active days and for restful nights. Continuous exposure of intimate skin to moisture can cause your body’s natural protective layer of skin to break down, creating an ideal environment for bacteria and making you more vulnerable to infections and other skin conditions. Add to this a poorly fitted incontinence product and it only amplifies the discomfort, chaffing and rubbing the sensitive skin, causing redness and irritation that further compromises skin health.

"bladder leaks can cause skin irritation if your product isnt capturing urine. This can lead to chaffing, irritation, and skin breakdown. See some of the solutions and correct products to prevent this..."

Feeling like yourself while dealing with bladder leaks can sometimes feel impossibly difficult - even for the most common everyday activities. Whether it’s staying on top of your daily routines like exercise, work and managing the home, or getting out there for social occasions with family and friends - you shouldn’t compromise your comfort and protection with a product that leaves you exposed.

Rest assured. TENA® is here for you, with advice to help manage and minimize the impact of incontinence and a full line of products featuring ProSkin Technology™ and trusted Triple Protection from leaks, odor and moisture. TENA intimates™ are specifically designed to provide the right level of protection you need - when and where you need it. Products that move with you and keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle to provide superior protection day or night, thanks to a flexible core and side barriers. Our exclusive ProSkin Technology™ is there for your skin’s natural protection, with extra soft top sheet that quickly wicks liquids away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable.

If you need an incontinence product you want above all for it to be absolutely dependable. None match the dependability of TENA.

- TENA Customer in New Orleans, LA

There are several ways you can minimize the impact of incontinence on intimate skin, here are a few that can make the biggest difference. Stay hydrated, even though it may sound counterintuitive - here’s why; your body uses water to flush out excess bacteria and acids, and keeps urine from becoming concentrated, which can result in irritation in the form of pain or burning during urination. Stick to a balanced diet, avoiding spicy and acidic foods and drinks, as this acidity directly affects the acidity of your urine. Change incontinence products immediately throughout the day when needed and thoroughly clean intimate skin with a good cleanser, especially after a workout or excessive time sitting. Just be sure to never scrub the area when washing, just pat the area dry, and use gentle, moisturizing products. Be sure to check often for signs of skin breakdown, like redness, itching or flaking, and act promptly, seeking medical advice. Last of all and certainly not least, find an incontinence product that is the right fit for your daily lifestyle and needs.

TENA intimates™ are available in a variety of absorbency levels with products that fit your active lifestyle and needs. For example, TENA intimates™ Ultra Thin Pads have you covered for lighter leaks, and Moderate Pads offer a little more protection for well, moderate leaks; both products are available in regular and long lengths. TENA intimates™ Heavy and Heavy Long Pads are made to handle heavier leaks, and for the heaviest of leaks there is TENA intimates™ Ultimate Pads.

Taking the preventative measures mentioned above and using a product you trust like TENA intimates™ with ProSkin Technology™ and Triple Protection will help minimize the impact of the unexpected leak and let you be you.

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