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The Importance of Kidney Health

for Those with Urinary Incontinence

Kidneys are the beginning of the urinary tract system and act as the regulator for water, toxins, and minerals in our bodies. Without these functions the body cannot maintain the balance necessary for a healthy person. The kidneys help remove waste products, such as urea and creatinine, from the body. Urea and other wastes are made when the body breaks down protein, such as meat. Creatinine is a waste product of the muscles. As kidney function decreases, the levels of urea and creatinine in the blood increase.

Maintaining kidney health can play a vital role in overall health as well as one’s ability to control their bladder.

  • Hydrate Appropriately – While some hold the belief over hydrating will relieve strain on your kidneys as it removes minerals, there is no evidence to prove this. So, while it’s always good to drink enough water, drinking more than the typical four to six glasses a day probably won’t help your kidneys do their job any better. We've gathered some information about hydrating properly and the efffects of caffeine on your urinary system.
  • Healthy Eating is Key – While your body can handle a wide variety of diets, remember most kidney problems arise from other medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Because of this, healthy eating can directly influence the effectiveness and longevity of kidneys. Consuming fiber and balancing your diet with alkaline foods can have several positive effects on your body and bladder.
  • Keep Active and Fit – Even if you’re healthy, getting your exercise is a good idea because. Like healthy eating habits, regular physical activity can stave off weight gain and high blood pressure, two conditions that can put strain on your kidneys. Both yoga classes and pilates classes are great ways to work out and develop pelvic floor strength, the muscles that help you control your bladder.
  • Use Caution with Supplements and Herbal Remedies - Excessive amounts of certain vitamin supplements and some herbal extracts may be harmful to your kidneys. Talk to your doctor about any vitamins and herbs you plan to take.
  • Quit smoking - Smoking can damage blood vessels, which decreases the flow of blood in the kidneys. When the kidneys don’t have adequate blood flow, they can’t function at optimal levels. Smoking also increases the risk of high blood pressure as well as the risk of kidney cancer.
  • Assess your risk of Kidney issues - If you’re at risk, get regular kidney function screening. If you have either diabetes or high blood pressure, your physician should screen for kidney dysfunction as part of routine care for those conditions.

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Often, your kidneys simply become affected by other medical conditions. The most important thing you can do to keep your kidneys safe is to take care of your body to reduce your chances of developing diseases that put a strain on your kidneys.

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