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Promoting Healthy Intimate Skin

Steps to Ensure Perineal Cleanliness While Experiencing Incontinence

Maintaining skin health is important at any age, but especially important to those experiencing incontinence. Ensuring your intimate area remains dry and pH balanced can promote skin integrity and avoid uncomfortable situations.

Skin Maceration - We’ve all experienced pruned fingers when we’re in the bath tub for a while or after swimming in the ocean for the afternoon. This is called skin maceration, and occurs when your skin is over hydrated. Over hydration can make your skin more fragile and extra sensitive to even gentle rubbing.

Incontinence Dermatitis - Most commonly referred to as diaper rash, incontinence dermatitis describes the breakdown of the skin resulting from skin maceration. This can lead to irritated skin that is susceptible to infection and breakdown.

Importance of Perineal Cleanliness – Urine contains ammonia and when combined with a warm moist environment encourages bacterial growth when not absorbed properly. Bacteria contribute to odor issues and can cause more severe health problems when not addressed.

Tips on Maintaining Healthy Skin

Try these tips at home to maintain and promote healthy comfortable skin

  • Change incontinence products as soon as soiling occurs to avoid excessive skin wetness.
  • Maintain the skin at its natural pH range (between 4 and 7) by using formulated skin products designed for incontinence care.
  • Use a barrier ointment, or diaper rash cream, to minimize direct contact with urine and feces.
  • Cleanse gently to avoid friction.
  • Stay hydrated and eat well to maintain skin integrity.

TENA Skin Care Options

TENA offers several wipes and creams designed to help those that experiencing incontinence maintain healthy skin. Learn more about the various solutions available.

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