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Incontinent and Confident: Discreet Incontinence Protection

Incontinence does not only affect the body but it can also affect mental state and quality of life as well1. In a NAFC survey about urinary incontinence, 90% of patients reported feeling either isolated, depressed, or hopeless as a result of their condition2. Health is extremely important not only for the physical but also the mental. One way to help feel confident is to find the right discreet incontinence product for you and to prepare in advance for public outings.

Discreet Incontinence Protection

Discreet incontinence products not only make it difficult to see if someone is dealing with incontinence, but they also help make the wearer more comfortable and confident to be in public3.

TENA has recently launched a new, TENA Stylish™ line designed to look and feel like real underwear. The underwear is form-fitting and helps protect against bladder leaks, urine odor, and moisture. The line is designed for maximum absorbency to help minimize embarrassing accidents and help you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

If you are looking for less coverage or incontinence protection for lighter leaks, liners and pads might be a better choice for you. TENA Intimates® liners and pads come in different lengths as well as different levels of absorbency to fit a variety of needs.

Tips for feeling confident with incontinence

Preparing in advance how to be comfortable in public can greatly improve your confidence4.

  • Be prepared with appropriate supplies
    • Before going out in public, be sure you have appropriate incontinence products, backups, and a change of clothes.
  • Survey bathroom locations
    • If possible, review where bathrooms are located ahead of time. This will help if you have urge incontinence or need to use the bathroom more frequently in order to prevent an accident.
  • Communication
    • Incontinence is nothing to be ashamed about, and it’s more common than you think. Confide in a partner you are out in public with so they feel at ease about the situation as well. Be prepared with a few talking points about what is going on, how your associate can help, and how you are prepared.

Incontinence doesn’t need to control your life. Get prepared, get informed and get the discreet incontinence protection that works best for you.

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Disclaimer: The information contained herein is only for educational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or professional nursing services. Caregivers should always consult with health care professionals if they have any questions about a specific medical condition, treatment or use of products.

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