Promoting Individualized Care Practices:

You're presumably here to look for products, so why are we bringing up individualized care and talking about changing care practices at the same time? Well, we're convinced that the care practices are just as important when delivering modern continence care – and they also help you choose the right product.

The starting point for providing individualized care is an assessment of the wearer, a key part of the TENA Clinical Support Services approach to best-practice incontinence management. Here you assess (and regularly re-assess) the user from a range of physical, mental and social aspects to create a profile.

With a clear profile, you can easily choose the products and changing care practices that are most suitable.

Individualized care and costs

Through truly individualized continence care you can provide better care – and lower total costs at the same time. For a more in-depth look at the impact the right products and care practices can have on care quality, costs and staff workloads, take a look at Balancing Cost & Care.

Below you can see how we build up a profile. And you'll see these criteria when you look for products in the Product Section. If you're not involved in full-time continence care, for example if you are a doctor, nurse or work in a pharmacy, this guide to selection helps you give sound product advice.