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Your Outfit of the Day Guide for Women: Fall

Foolproof Fall Fashion

It’s time to trade in your shorts, summer dresses and sandals for the Fall season’s hottest trends. But as we all know, the waters of high fashion can often be difficult to navigate. Not to worry! That’s why we’re here to break down a foolproof guide for this season’s hottest looks to ensure that you’re dressed to impress.

So, to stay fabulous this Fall, it’s all about the classics. Not only are they what’s popular now, they’re also worth investing in and holding on to for many years to come. These pieces are sure to help put your most confident foot forward to look and feel great as the leaves change. In addition to dressing well, it’s important to take control of bladder weakness and ensure you feel protected. There’s no reason you should compromise your passion for fashion due to some pesky leaks. With the right product, you can stay dry no matter your lifestyle. Therefore, there’s no reason to hide behind unflattering layers due to the worry of embarrassment. With protection you can count on and a flattering wardrobe, you’ll be sure to have all the tools to let the real you shine through this Fall.

Now, let’s get to all the looks that are sure to turn heads this Autumn season.

  • Denim
    • A closet staple no matter the season, denim is taking a nostalgic twist this fall as flares are finally back – put the skinny jeans away!
    • Try pairing your flares with high heels or chic wedges to elongate your legs and strut your stuff – just as if you were walking the runway during fashion week
    • Here are 25 flare jeans to rock during the coming months
  • Shearling
    • With the cooler temperatures descending upon us, there’s no better look than staying warm. Shearling is an amazing investment that will last you many seasons to come.
    • Made from sheared sheep or lamb’s wool, shearling will bring you back to the 70’s – but in a good way, we promise!
    • With jackets coming in all different varieties and colors, this trend is being executed by all the world’s top designers and brands, which will make it easy to come by this Fall
    • See this style and the other hot trends spotted at New York Fashion Week
  • Chunky Knits
    • More flattering than the name suggest, chunky knits are a great way to achieve effortless style while keeping cozy
    • Comfortable as any piece in your wardrobe, these knits can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a day of pumpkin picking. But the best application? A comfy night in with the family
    • The key to this trend is keeping your knits oversized. If it’s tight, you got it all wrong. However, you do want to pair these cozy tops with slim bottoms to achieve an appealing contrast
    • Put this look into practice with these stylish variations
  • Turtlenecks
    • Probably one of the most practical trends of the season, turtlenecks are finally making a comeback
    • As Fall weather can be a bit finicky, not too cold but not too warm, turtlenecks are great utility piece to keep you looking cool
    • Try spicing things up with sleeveless, thin-knit mock turtlenecks or long-sleeved turtlenecks paired with shorts. Or, if you’re feeling super adventurous, throw on a pair of overalls (which are also on trend!) with a turtleneck underneath!
    • Check out all of Vogue’s variations for this classic
  • Long-line Blazers
    • Ultimate office-appropriate attire, blazers will help you achieve a sense of confidence and emit success this season
    • With leaner and longer lines, try pairing a neutral color (black, beige, or navy) blazer over jeans, chinos, shirts and sleeveless dresses to take you through the season
  • Long Skirts
    • An obvious transition, swap your short skirts for a longer, temperature appropriate alternative
    • Flowy, pleats or pencil, try pairing these warmer skirts with ankle strap heels or laced up booties. Layer up with a jacket and you’re ready to take on the drop in temperature
    • Need some inspiration? Browse through these different looks, courtesy of InStyle
  • Colors
    • Every season has its colors. This Fall, it’s all about earthy neutrals.
    • According to The Pantone Fashion report (Pantone is the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer), taupes like ‘dried herb’ (#17-0627) and greys like ‘desert sage’ (#16-0110) are all the rave
    • The best way to make these neutrals stand out is through bold statement colors like ‘cadmium orange’ coral (#15-1340) and ‘amethyst orchard’ purple (#17-3628)
    • Not so adventurous? Try going monochromatic for a timeless look

Wear it Right

Now that you know the classic go-to trends for this season, you’ll need to know how to style your OOTD along with where to wear it. From a night on the town to a day in the leaves, here’s how to put your new-found fashion knowledge into practice.

  • Fall Festival Fashionista
    • Whether it’s a cider celebration, pumpkin patch party or country fair, go for a 70’s vibe. Throw on a pair of light-colored flare jeans, a statement colored turtleneck and long neutral blazer. Finish it off with a stacked-heel bootie.
    • To stay protected throughout the festival without compromising comfort, pair this show stopping outfit with TENA® TENA Ultra Thin Light Incontinence Pad
  • Stylish Stroll on the Town
    • No better way to show-off your new sense of style than a walk through the city streets. Put on a pair of classic pants with your statement shearling coat to keep you looking cool and feeling warm on the crisp Fall days
    • Walk for hours with TENA® WOMEN™ Protective Underwear, which offers a close fit that feel just like underwear. Not only will you stay dry all day, you won’t be constantly on the lookout for the nearest restroom
  • Cozy Autumn Dinner Date
    • Celebrate the harvest with a seasonally inspired dish and someone special. Dress to impress with a long skirt, turtleneck and a statement necklace or earrings (not both!) and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks. Throw on a pair of colorful shoes in one of the season’s bold colors and you’re ready to go
    • For moderate to heavy leaks, trust TENA® Heavy Pads Long to keep you feeling fabulous during a special evening
  • Be Bold at Brunch
    • Go monochrome for everyone’s favorite weekend meal. Throw on a pair of slim grey pants paired with a grey chunky knit to keep you looking chic from morning through the afternoon
    • To impress your fellow diners, try adding a pop of color with a pair of loafers. We recommend interesting textures like calf hair or metallic details
    • Keep control all throughout the day with TENA InstaDRY™ pads, with technology that absorbs moisture and locks it away so you can deal with the unpredictability of sudden leaks
  • Meeting Friends After Work
    • If you’re meeting friends after work, brighten up your outfit with colors that will make you shine – even after a long day at the office
    • Go with a ‘cadmium orange’ coral and ‘amethyst orchard’ purple combination
    • But if that’s a little to loud for your liking, try pairing grey pants with the coral and dark jeans with the purple
    • Bring the look home with booties complemented by an embellishment like studs, buckles or fringe
    • Choose TENA® Active liners to keep up with your long day of work, running around town and laughs with friends

When it comes to fashion, the most important trend is confidence. Not only will you look great, you’re also sure to feel comfortable, which is key to pulling off a head turning look. Rock these outfits with the protection of TENA® and you’ll shine this Fall season. There’s no reason to compromise your outfit, happiness or lifestyle as result of bladder weakness. Products like TENA® are here to provide you with the coverage to put your best foot forward. From the office to the great outdoors, stay stylish without the worry of leaks and look forward to the most fashionable season of the year.

If you need an incontinence product you want above all for it to be absolutely dependable. None match the dependability of TENA.

- TENA Customer in New Orleans, LA

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