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Control Incontinence in the New Year

Get Back to Doing What You Love

A new year is a great time to set new habits for yourself. Incontinence can complicate life, but it doesn’t have to stop you from keeping active and returning to a normal routine. Start the year off right with some of these collected articles suggesting tips on returning to your favorite activities and managing your daily life with urine leaks. Manage your leaks and start the year off with a new you.

Be Comfortable in These Winter Looks

Wearing an incontinence product can make both men and women want to avoid certain outfits. But with these tips and outfit suggestions you can keep your confident look and stay comfortable and secure. See great outfits for getting out this winter and enjoying the season.

See Womens Looks See Mens Looks

Control Urine Leaks with Pilates

Pilates involve many strong core exercises that can help strengthen your pelvic floor, the muscles that help control your bladder. The new year is a great time to pick up a new hobby. Why not make it one that can help you improve bladder control? Read our article on pilates and understand further how they can help and what to look for in class.

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Take Up Yoga

Not only is yoga a great way to relieve stress and tension, it also helps strengthen your core. A relaxed mind and a strong pelvic core can go a long way to improving bladder control and confidence. We’ve collected some articles on yoga posses to try at home or in a class to improve your control.

Introduction to Yoga 4 More Yoga Poses

Take Simple Steps to Control Incontinence

Small changes in habits and routines can make a noticeable impact on managing bladder leaks. Make these habits your resolution for the year and keep being yourself.

Try These Suggestions

Let Us Share your Success Story

We at TENA receive many stories of people overcoming their fears of incontinence. We share their successes to help others know that bladder leaks don’t have to stop you from doing the things you love. Share you’re story to help empower others to start their year off right.

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