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Sharing info about male incontinence can be sensitive, but it can help someone you know take charge. That’s what friends are for.

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TENA helps men
live full and active lives

From daily activity to restful nights, here are the top ways guys stay comfortable with the Fearless Protection™ they get from TENA.

Everyday Use

“The TENA Protective Underwear has been a real life-saver. It has removed the fear associated with leaving the house.”

Overnight Use

“TENA helps keep me dry at night. I don't have to worry about leaks.”


“TENA helps keep me high and dry, especially when I am on the road and bathrooms are few and far between.”


“TENA makes me feel comfortable, confident and at ease especially when I’m out in public.”

Movie Theater

“We eat out, go to movies, live theatrical productions; and many other recreational activities. I always feel protected by TENA.”

Family Gatherings

“TENA helps me feel more confident and secure, knowing unwanted drips won’t show on my pants.”

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