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Women We Admire

Living through a global pandemic has thrown our lives upside down to say the least. One thing that gets us through this unreal rollercoaster ride are the amazing female content creators on social media who remind us to laugh, feel and give ourselves a little bit of grace.

Our team here at TENA has put together a list of some of our favorite women to follow. These are women who are embracing every stage of life – from postpartum to menopause – and all the changes that come with it.

Most of all, we love how these women aren’t shying away from breaking down beauty stereotypes and addressing taboo topics. We truly believe that the more we talk about our ever-evolving bodies, the more normalized it becomes – a principle that’s driving our #MyEvolvingBody campaign (learn more about that here).

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the influencers below – and don’t hesitate to share your favorite follows* with us on Instagram and Facebook.

*These influencers are not affiliated with TENA, except where indicated, and the opinions, blogs, websites and social media are those of the influencers alone and do not reflect the opinions of TENA.

Photo Credit: Emerson

Elaine Davis


Elaine is the founder of Square Pearls, a blog for women who are unapologetically edgy at any age. Elaine inspires us to walk taller and conquer whatever life throws at us. In a recent post, she shares “after all of those trials, I really made it through. I did it. I survived that which was supposed to kill me. So I straightened my crown…and walked away like a boss.” She also tackles aging and beauty standards in her blog, including her menopause experience, where she encourages women to discuss the topic rather than fear it. Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Credit: Ryan Fortin

Desiree Fortin


Desiree is a mom of four and is no stranger to talking about the ups and downs of motherhood. She’s very open about her postpartum journey, sharing things many women have a difficult time talking about, like sex after pregnancy and her journey to loving her body post-pregnancy. Thank you, Desiree, for sharing your journey and showing new moms they aren’t alone in facing these moments. For more real and honest motherhood content follow Desiree on Instagram and Facebook and check out her blog.

Photo Credit: Ashley James

Ashley Justine

Ashley is a mom of two and the CEO of The Not So Perfect Mom Shop, which offers fantastic mama gear (like this “More than a Mama” hoodie) and daily motivation (we love these positive affirmations for moms), which has been particularly encouraging during the pandemic. Follow her on Instagram for more real mom content and check out her company's Instagram for some truly great merch.

Photo Credit: Earl Gibson III

Carla Kemp

Carla wears her age (58) with pride – it’s proudly displayed in her Instagram bio. How many of us can say the same?! We love how Carla shares her menopause journey, saying “I can’t escape the realities of this life, but maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is an essential part of this transition.” Follow her on Instagram for more wellness content.

Silvina Neder

Photo Credit: Leanne Dixon

Silvina is a fifty-plus model and actress. She is a prime example that you can conquer something new at any stage in life. She reminds us that “if we want to do something new, or change in our life or career, there will never be a clean, straightforward path…and, if we wait until we are certain that we are qualified, or until we are 100% ready, things will never be done.” She’s breaking down aging stereotypes from her decision to stop dying her hair to her daily yoga practice. Follow her on Instagram for self-love inspiration.

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