Incontinence Tips and Advice for Men

Enjoy the good life with tips and advice from men who know what they're talking about. We've gathered all the info you need straight from the experts.

Smart ways to keep control
Relax and keep drinking. Staying relaxed and hydrated will help you keep control of your bladder. On that note, smoking won’t help your bladder issues, so ditch that habit while you're at it.

Tips and Advice


Don't cut back on drinking water. You might think that staying away from fluids will lessen the leaks, but it will only lead to dehydration and the possibility of your urine becoming more concentrated. More concentrated urine could lead to bladder infections, and no one wants that.


Triggers like caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners can increase your urge to visit the toilet. Don’t worry, you don't need to give up the good life, but laying low on the caffeine for example will do you plenty of good.

Quit Smoking

You already know that smoking is bad for your health, but one more reason to quit smoking won't hurt you. For example, did you know that tobacco can aggravate urinary tract symptoms? Not to mention the fact that the coughing that comes with smoking doesn't help you against urine leakage.


Stress is never pleasant, especially not since it can cause urine leakage or make your symptoms worse. By using relaxing techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation, you can become better at keeping control of your bladder.

"In the beginning I couldn’t stop the flow because the removal of the prostate had weakened my pelvic floor muscles. I was recommended exercise and specially designed guards for men. It felt a bit odd to put on at first. But they were very discreet. Still I choose to be very open about it."

- Richard, 46