Staying Active with Incontinence

There are many ways to stay in control and continue to live life the way you want to, regardless of what type of incontinence you're dealing with.

Maintain an active lifestyle

Are you worried about having a night out with the guys, a four-hour meeting or a game of basketball with your kids? There's no need to stop your daily activities just because you're dealing with incontinence.

Here are some quick tips that can help with leaks and keep you in control:

  • Go before you go - Emptying your bladder before any planned activity can help set your mind at ease.
  • Knowledge is power - Learning where the toilets are ahead of time, can help you plan your activities better and you don't have to stressfully look for a toilet when you need to go. If you're going to watch a live game you could try to get seats near the toilets for example.
  • Stay hydrated - Don't drink less just because you want to make sure you won't leak urine during your activities. Drinking less will just cause dehydration, which will make your situation worse. In other words, remember to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid triggers - While it's important to stay hydrated, moderating triggers such as tea, coffee and alcohol will do you good. These drinks are known to make your body produce more urine.
  • Clench - Pelvic floor muscle exercises are known to help when it comes to incontinence so make sure you keep up those clenching exercises. Especially since you can do them both at work and at home.
  • Incontinence protection - There are great products available for incontinence protection. TENA Men are specifically designed to offer discretion, comfort and security and are made to fit your lifestyle.

These simple tips can greatly improve your quality of life and help you continue your everyday activities with confidence.