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  • The Power of Pilates

    Pilates can help strengthen your pelvic floor. Read about the forms and techniques that can give you increased control and help improve urine flow control. Read more

  • Core Exercises - Stomach

    Learn about stomach vacuum exercises and how you can use them to strengthen the muscles that help you control when you urinate. Read more

  • Yoga and Incontinence

    From increasing your flexibility to reducing stress, there are many reasons why people practice the ancient art of yoga. Find out what poses improve bladder control by strengthening your core and pelvic floor. Read more

  • Yoga Poses for Pelvic Strength

    Whether you experience either of the most common forms of the unexpected leak, stress or urgency incontinence, dont need to feel like control is out of your grasp. Read more

  • Health and Fitness

    Incontinence can cause people to withdraw from the things they used to enjoy, most of all exercise. The strain of running, biking, lifting weights and many other exercises puts stress on your body and can cause urine leakage. Learn how to manage these issues. Read more